Be a cuddle party facilitator

09.09. - 12.09. 2021

Ausbildung Kuschelpartyleitung, Kuschelpartyfacilitator / Pfau

Training facilitating cuddle partys

Share variations of happiness with others.
Lead Conscious Cuddle Experiences.


Cuddle parties are a wonderful placeto share joy and at the same time to open the opportunity for individual deeper processes. They offer the opportunity to nourish oneself, to do good to oneself and, in addition, to tackle difficult issues, to look at and heal old injuries, to illuminate and change behaviour patterns.

The cuddle party management training gives you everything you need to lead and design safe and touching cuddle parties yourself.

The basis is the rules of the Conscious Cuddle Experience and their deep meaning. Why do they exist? Why are they so important? What are the advantages and disadvantages compared to other concepts? 

Here you will learn everything you need to feel safe and competent, to hold the space for people to exchange nourishing touch or/and to go into deep emotional and transforming processes. 

Create a place where people can share the most beautiful thing there is: mindful touch.


Experience different cuddle party formats to guide them later yourself or use them as inspiration for the creation of your own formats. Cuddle parties will change you and your life in the most gentle way you can imagine.

Setup of a cuddle party

Interior design

Preparation and aftercare

Understand and communicate cuddling rules

Starting and final round
Discover different cuddle formats and their main focus 

Get to know suitable exercises

RSVP u.m


Kuschelraum = Process room

What do you want? May what? Do what?

Learning fields and benefits of the cuddle party

Dealing with emotions, processes and crises

Emotional release techniques

Safety in challenging situations


My role as leader

Authenticity and presence

Mindfulness and perception exercises

inner focus

Holding space for the group and the individual

Having and giving security



Cuddle theory especially for cuddle parties and cuddle energy 

Smudge, Aura Soma


Relaxed contact with the press


"When you cuddle, you fix each other."  Anonymous

6 reasons why it is awesome to lead cuddle parties.


Everything that your participants experience: stress reduction, feelings of happiness, increase in immune and regenerative power and much more you experience yourself at the same time.


You hold the space for people to experience security and appreciation. The experiences they make inspire them to recognize their own value.


You get paid to open a healing space and take care of people.

An absolute privilege.

You can find more reasons in our article here.


Cuddle parties change you, let you become more emphatic and loving. 

Your body awakens.


You hold the space for transformation and joy. Bright eyes and soft glowing faces of everyone at the end of the cuddle party.


You can become part of the cuddling room network. Use it as a platform to present yourself and your offer. Benefit from our knowledge and experience.

ONLINE information event - so far in german only

Watch the VIDEO of the information event from 15.02.2020:  

live call on facebook  |  Here you can watch the video.

You can find the event on the facebook page of the KuschelRaum.

Preparation (optional and recommended)

​If possible: 

  • Participation in at least 2 cuddle parties of the KuschelRaum  

  • Participation in another cuddle party (different concept)

  • Written reflection on their own experiences and insights


Workshop in the group

Fr:     3 pm -  9 pm

Sa:   10 am -  9 pm

Su:   10 am -  9 pm 

Mo:  10 am -  3 pm

public cuddle party

So:  5 pm - 8 pm 

Those who wish to stay until monday evening

for the Conscious Cuddle Experience - CacaoMagic,

5 pm - 9 pm

  • Cuddle theory especially for cuddle parties and cuddle energy

  • Structure of the Conscious Cuddle Experienc

  • Know, understand and communicate the rules of the Conscious Cuddle Experience

  • Opening and closing circle

  • Exercises suitable for the different cuddling focal points

  • Open exchange of experiences:  cuddle parties of the KuschelRaum vs. other cuddle parties: differences, advantages and disadvantages 

  • Kuschelraum = process room, learning fields of the cuddling party

  • Role understanding - being an authentic I and leader

  • Ethical Mindset

  • Presence and mindfulness exercises, perception training, inner focus

  • Holding space for joy and transformation

  • Communication

  • Ensure the safety of the group and the individual

  • Dealing with boundery crossings

  • Dealing with emotions, processes and crises

  • Emotional release technique

  • Understanding of specific needs: physical or psychological challenges, trauma victims

  • Emergency guidelines

  • Self-care

  • Discover different cuddle party formats 

  • How do I design my own cuddle party?

  • Smudging, Aura Soma, Bach flowers and other support

  • Interior design and choice/use of music

  • Relaxed contact with the press: Contact, preparation, appearance

  • Advertising: How do I attract the customer base I want?

  • Open question and practice room

  • As a team: independent guidance of a Conscious Cuddle Experience with external participants, detailed evaluation and personal feedback

The training includes
  • 4 days = 32 hours of theory and practice in a group.

  • 1 self-led party as a team within the training (Sunday 5 - 8 pm)

  • 2 sessions of supervision in person or via Skype within two years

  • Comprehensive manual  

  • Certificate

  • Feedback on website, advertising and appearance

After the training you have the opportunity to become part of the strongly growing network of the  KuschelRaum.


  • You agree to follow the ethical mindset of the KuschelRaum. Please read the FAQ and rules of the KuschelRaum carefully.

  • Proof of first aid course, not older than two years

      There is the possibility to stay overnight in the KuschelRaumFeel free to talk to me about it.


Are there any requirements for the training?

Why an education?

There are very few prerequisites for the training:

  • A minimum age of 18 years

  • Professionalism and reliability

  • The previous visit of cuddle parties and the knowledge about the challenges and gifts of these events

  • Impartiality, openness and interest in people and their path

  • Patience and the ability to pick people up where they stand

  • Awareness of the great responsibility that comes with people entrusting themselves to you and your leadership

  • the willingness to follow the rules and the ethical mindset of the KuschelRaum

  • Experience in healthcare or a background in tactile therapies is an advantage but not a prerequisite.

Why an education?

Comprehensive training is indeed necessary to ensure the high quality standard that is a prerequisite for people to be able to confide in you.

You hold the space for people to open up and feel secure enough to let themselves fall and go into challenging processes. This requires comprehensive knowledge and extensive skills. You have to be able to lead a group in a structured and clear way and to be able to deal with strong emotions.
In the training Cuddle Party Leadership we teach and practice among other things:

  • To be able to step into the leading and leading role and to feel comfortable with it

  • Develop strong social skills and thus the ability to see the best in other people

  • Effective and appreciative communication and active listening

  • Mindfulness and the ability to pay close attention

  • A well developed body awareness and a clear body language

  • Emotional openness and the ability to deal with intense emotions

Investment: 660 € / 550 € reduced
  • 32 hours theory and practice in the group  
  • 2 individual sessions coaching/supervision 
  • Comprehensive manual

The next training will take place in May 2021.


09.09. - 12.09.2021

Friday 3 pm until monday 3 pm

The training as a cuddle party leader takes place only once a year.

After the training you have the possibility to become part of the strongly growing network of the KuschelRaum.

The trainer

Angeline Anett Heilfort

The trainer

  • is a masseuse (training in classical massage, Thai massage, Watsu, Lomi Lomi, Tantra, etc.).

  • is a Zen-Shiatsu health practitioner.

  • is a trainer according to the aptitude regulation of the IHK / Berlin.

  • is a trainer with 10 years, coach and mediator with 5 years of professional experience.

  • has successfully completed the training "Train the Trainer" at Moves, Berlin.

    is a cuddle therapist according to the method she developed.

    has successfully led self-designed cuddle parties for more than three years,
    Feedback on their cuddle parties can be found here.

  "In the end, a circle of beautiful people, with tousled hair and bright eyes." Angeline 


Yes, I want to facilitate cuddle parties:

If you decide immediately to take part in the training in cuddling therapy, you will receive a package discount of 100 €.


"When I came to my first workshop with Angeline 2 years ago out of pure curiosity, I was not yet aware of the valuable and life-changing space I had found myself in. I had just felt my femininity for the first time and was somehow searching for new experiences. Already at the first workshop I realized that I had found a spiritual home in which unimaginable potential for growth, healing and renewal vibrated. Since then I have come back again and again and have opened up more and more, enjoyed, cried, laughed, screamed, refuelled, loved and was carried by the magic that Angeline brings into the room. I can hardly put it into words, because many of the changes in me took place less in my mind and more in my heart. That which could not show itself over years of therapeutic self-exploration and will exercises, came out in Angeline's workshops first timidly and then in undreamt-of abundance and was accepted unconditionally. I am a different person than 2 years ago, warmer, more genuine, more vulnerable, more loving, capable of relationships and I still go to Angeline's events again and again and often, because fortunately I am still growing side by side with more and more beautiful people into an ever more beautiful life". 


"Today, after the cuddle party, the four of us were still sitting in the S-Bahn on our way home and without abstentions or dissenting votes we agreed that of all Berlin's cuddle parties, yours are the absolutely most beautiful ones with their effortless, familiar and harmonious overall setting :).


"Thank you, you have no idea what has changed in my life already."

Feedback of participants of the Conscious Cuddle Experiences

"All too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, a sincere compliment or the smallest act of warmth - all things that have the potential to turn a life around."Leo Buscaglia