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101 reasons why you should cuddle

Cuddling works on an incredible number of levels and has a positive influence on our whole being and our whole life.

And it's simply a lot of fun! So, you shouldn't only cuddle, you just have to! Definitely! Seriously!!!

P.S. It does not matter for your body if these touches come from a stranger or from the dearest person in your world. As long as they are attentive, loving and appreciative.

The touches and the experience may feel different, but that is because you classify them differently.

The important thing is: Everything in your time. If it is not imaginable for you to cuddle with strangers, then don't.

  1. Cuddling makes accessible. People who are cuddled become more social, more open and turned towards humanity through the cuddling hormone oxytocin. Misanthropy no longer has a chance.

  2. Cuddling is affirming and confirming.

  3. Cuddling makes you feel alive. "The message "I am alive" can actually only be conveyed through the body." - Martin Grunwald.

  4. Cuddling is highly appreciated. As a cuddly experienced master toucher you will be highly appreciated.

  5. Cuddling makes you more attentive. We sharpen our perception by feeling how a touch is actually meant. Our antennae are finely tuned and so it will be easy to let go of the fear of being abused and exploited. Our alarm system sounds earlier and more clearly and protects us from further attacks. Or when there is no reason for alarm we will have a new and beautiful experience, which we might before have said no to because of our fears.

  6. Cuddling makes you attractive. Touch makes the skin glow and makes you shine.

  7. Cuddling makes us balanced and patient. A happy and fulfilled person is not so easily thrown off track and and the small bumps and difficulties simply bounce off.

  8. Cuddling makes you beautiful. Cuddling brings a smile to your face and everyone is more beautiful when they smile.

  9. Cuddling is beneficial. Growth hormones are only released when a child is touched. A child thrives and develops better if it is touched regularly and lovingly. Untouched babies die.

  10. Cuddling makes makes you brave. If you don't ask, the answer will always be no. If we show ourselves and dare to ask, it is more likely that many of our wishes will be fulfilled. This in turn strengthens the confidence to show yourself more and more often with your wishes and desires. We can learn to stand by ourselves. We can lose the fear of being judged for our wishes. We simply want what we want, how we want and when we want it.

  11. Cuddling is brightening. As long as I cuddle, I or participants in my Conscious Cuddle Experiences have one eureka moment after the other: "Oh, so that's how 'giving is happier than receiving' feels. Oh, my God, it's a beautiful state of mind."

  12. Cuddling makes you calm (deep inside). Lack of touch lets us ask the question about the meaning of life. On the spiritual level touch makes it possible to do nothing and just enjoy. It enables complete relaxation, which can lead to a meditative state of consciousness. We rest within ourselves.

  13. Cuddling makes you charismatic and makes people shine. You should see the fulfilled, happy faces and shining eyes at the end of a cuddle party - irresistible.

  14. Cuddling makes charity. People who have experienced mindful touch are more generous. They are more willing to give time, money, attention and support. Here is another study: One pad on the back alone resulted in twice as many students volunteering to work or signing a petition. Participants who were sprayed with oxytocin in the nose were more willing to help a stranger or lend money.

  15. Cuddling makes you cheerful. Through the beautiful feelings that cuddling triggers in us a gentle cheerfulness is created that shine into the following days.

  16. Cuddling makes you cheerful and happy. Sometimes real laughter flashes can be triggered. This happens in the individual sessions but also during the cuddle parties. And then the whole room laughs.

  17. Cuddling is and makes clear. Your body sends you clear messages whether you feel something pleasant or unpleasant. You learn to listen to these messages and to interpret them correctly. You also learn to send clear messages with your body and with your words. Clear communication.

  18. Cuddling is comfortable. You are lying around, it is warm, soft, great and incredibly easy.

  19. Cuddling makes you dignified. A person who is no longer needy regains his dignity. He no longer has to make compromises to satisfy his needs. He no longer bends over backwards to please or to be "nice". He is authentic.

  20. Cuddling has a confirming effect. Rejection issues can disappear completely if we have been touched enough (on a physical level), (Even weight gain or loss can be a side effect. With bulimia and anorexia, eating habits improve and the body image is less distorted).

  21. Cuddling completes us. Your personal and spiritual development takes a giant leap forward. Cuddling transforms.

  22. Cuddling makes courageous. Cuddling gives us a place in society. If the basic need for belonging and therefore security is fulfilled, we have the strength and courage to throw ourselves into life and make new experiences.

  23. By cuddling you become credible. You learn more and more to stay true to yourself. Your word counts. This makes it easy for others to rely on you. You become someone others can count on.

  24. Cuddling makes it easier. Touching creates relief from worries and problems: The center in the brain responsible for problem solving relax immediately after the experience of touch. The body interprets being touched as a promise of support and this is far stronger than any form of verbal attention. Touch relieves mental pain. (The pain centre in the brain is not only active in physical but also in mental pain).

  25. Cuddling makes you ecstatic. By cuddling your body opens up, it enjoys. It no longer closes itself off because of fear of unpleasant experiences. This allows deeper and more intense sensations. Over time you will become what you were made for: a being capable of ecstasy.

  26. Cuddling is electrifying. There are these encounters... everything flows, the whole body is like being electrified, vibrates, hums, enjoys. A cuddle dance in twos, in threes, in...

  27. Cuddling makes empathic. A soft open body leads to a soft open being. You become more receptive to the signals and vibrations of your fellow human beings and your surroundings.

  28. Cuddling enchants you. The people around you are suddenly all beautiful.

  29. Cuddling makes you enjoy. Consciously enjoying touch teaches us to be more aware of how wonderful, breath taking, beautiful or delicious something is.

  30. Cuddling has an enlightening effect. Personal and spiritual growth happens through cuddling: the perceptions become more refined. We feel less and less comfortable in "rough" energies. An abundance of touch liberates resources that can be used for learning and development. Cuddling is spiritual work.

  31. Cuddling makes you euphoric. Cuddling releases a hormone cocktail similar to that of drug highs.

  32. Cuddling is exhilarating and energizing. Cuddling charges us positively. After a cuddle session, we are recharged, full of energy and ready to get back into everyday life. This mood is contagious and we become more pleasant companions.

  33. Cuddling makes you fall in love. Sometimes the encounter on a purely physical level can trigger an infatuation. We feel deeply touched, seen, recognized and understood ("Never before have I been touched so beautifully.") And sometimes the infatuation persists even when we get to know each other "properly" or even mentally afterwards. Beautiful relationships have been formed at our cuddle parties.

  34. Cuddling makes fascinating. Touching makes the skin glow and makes you shine.

  35. Cuddling makes you fearless. When you keep experiencing that your questions ("Would you like to cuddle me? Can I scratch your back?") are more often followed by a yes than a no and that the received no's don't kill you, you become more fearless in asking. You take heart and dare just being as you are.

  36. Cuddling makes us flawless. The one who can cuddle pleasantly becomes flawless in the eyes of the other. You cuddle each other beautiful and perfect. What more do you need?!!?

  37. Cuddling is fulfilling. When there is this hole in us that says: "I can't take it anymore, it's too much. I give and give and get nothing/not enough in return. I feel empty and needy. It's my turn" disappears. Especially touch will slowly fill up this hole from the inside. Then we again have the (emotional) resources that are necessary to give freely and support others. And this is deeply fulfilling. We create an emotional perpetuum mobile.

  38. Cuddling makes free. Cuddling gives the experience of freedom and security: We move in the area of conflict between freedom and security. Often we have to choose between the two. Having one and longing for the other. Cuddling gives both. Touch conveys security. Freedom is created because touch is unconditional and does not entail any consequences or responsibilities.

  39. Cuddling makes generous. If you feel your no's clearly and if you can communicate clearly, your yes' get more value. You can trust yourself and know that you will not go beyond your own limits. Thereby your yes' flow much more freely. You become generous.

  40. Cuddling makes grateful. And gratitude is the highest form of manifestation. Being grateful, draws more and more wonderful things into your life.

  41. Cuddling is grounding. Slow cuddles ground you. They bring you into your body. They strengthen the connection with your body.

  42. Cuddling makes you happy. The experience of unconditional acceptance, of being allowed to show yourself as you are and how you feel at the moment, activates a spectrum of feelings ranging from full satisfaction to heavenly bliss. Whoever can establish a connection to other people through touch needs nothing else. The cuddle hormone cocktail is a happiness hormone cocktail!

  43. Cuddling makes people happy. Through cuddling we can experience our body as a protective, comfortable home, which gives us feelings of relaxation, grounding and satisfaction, the experience of complete relaxation. A person at peace with herself is satisfied.

  44. Cuddling makes you harmonious. Touch reduces aggression. Even a twenty-minute cuddle session before an argument can make it more harmonious. You will become more attuned to each other, it is easier to approach the other, more difficult to consciously hurt the other.

  45. Cuddling is healing. Touch reduces/soothes: - the itching of neurodermatitis. asthma (touch leads to an increased maximum respiratory volume and reduces fear and nervousness before a new asthma attack). - the possibility of postnatal depression. - the duration of labour during birth and the need for painkillers, etc. Touch promotes/strengthens: - the immune system. The level of stress hormones is lowered and the number of antibodies is increased. This also results in increasing the ability to fight off infections. - the growth of babies. With a gentle maternal touch, special nerve cells in the skin (CT cells) signal the brain to release oxytocin. A relaxed body can work undisturbed. However, if there are high amounts of cortisol in the blood, the body switches to survival. Growth and immune system are stopped. - the natural activity of killer cells in HIV patients. - the healing of wounds and so it is therefore especially helpful after operations. - the healing in hospital. A stay in hospital is anything but beneficial to health. Bright light, early waking, pain, resulting in little sleep, fear, forced closeness to other people etc. causes stress. The process of healing is enormously difficult in this environment. The body is on alert the whole time, the immune system shuts down. Even a short touch can cause the release of oxytocin. The patient calms and relaxes and heals faster. Touch is especially recommended as a supportive treatment for seriously or chronically ill patients. The power of confidence and trust results in greater chances of healing. In this case, eye contact and a pat on the back from the doctor are enough to trigger it. Cuddling calms and relaxes.Effects include muscle relaxation, lowering blood pressure and heart rate, thus reducing the risk of heart disease and balancing hormone levels. Touch supports/accelerates (self-) healing. Through cuddling therapy, the body receives a message via the receptors in the skin that it can calm down. The body relaxes, becomes softer and starts to heal itself (that is why laying hands on is actually effective). Recovery is also faster if you feel appreciated and loved.

  46. Cuddling makes you healthy and healthier. Cuddling relieves stress. It helps the body to stop the release of the hormone cortisol, which is responsible for stressful feelings in your body. Cuddling improves your sleep. Blocked cortisol and released oxytocin are the perfect conditions for a rest- and peaceful sleep. Cuddling stabilizes your blood pressure. Cuddling relieves headaches/pain up to 50%. Touching blocks the pain signals because the tactile signals are transmitted to the brain faster than the pain signals. Cuddling relieves depression. Oxytocin makes our live easier. The perceived heaviness and hopelessness simply no longer feels so overwhelming and depressing. It also makes more social. It makes it easier to get in touch with people and breaks the vicious circle of isolation into which depression often leads you. Now an upward spiral can begin. ... and much more.

  47. Cuddling makes us helpful. After receiving touch people are more open to offering or giving help to others. This has been proven by several studies.

  48. Cuddling makes honest. You learn to honestly say yes and no to offered touch. You learn to stand up for your desires and boundaries. This also transfers to other areas of your life.

  49. Cuddling makes you humorous. Cuddling brings such a relaxation to your being that you can laugh about yourself and your mistakes much more often. ... and humour will help you to overcome the often as awkward perceived encounter when you cuddle with complete strangers.

  50. Cuddling is idyllic. You are in a wellness oasis.

  51. Cuddling makes us more independent. Cuddling increases our self-esteem: many people actually only give to get something (attention and support) back and are disappointed if this is less than expected. They feel used, empty and drained and their appearance is often like this: grey, tired and not very lively. Others act altruistically, but do not feel valuable enough to allow themselves to receive. They rarely ask for help or support and are not able to give themselves value. They need outside confirmation and are therefore dependent. Their mood either sinks or rises depending on the mood of the others. By cuddling we can give ourselves a value because we provide ourselves with what we need. We develop a healthy egoism, learn to put up with ourselves. "I am deeply touched to feel that I am worthy of being hugged." (participant of a cuddle party) We are less needy and become more independent. We no longer make lazy compromises just to get attention and touch.

  52. Cuddling makes imaginative. Soon your way to touch will no longer be limited to scratching your head and stroking your back. There is soooo much more to discover.

  53. Cuddling is insightful. In the clear, mindful framework of a cuddling session or cuddle party, people learn that touch does not necessarily have to lead to sex or any other commitment and therefore can enjoy physical closeness in a relaxed way. For many it becomes clear for the first time that there is a difference between relaxing cuddling energy and stimulating sexual energy. For many it is new that you can decide where to direct your energies. It is liberating to realize that there are two different needs, the need for sex and the need for closeness and security. These and many other insights come naturally through cuddling. You don't need a teacher or guru to lead the prayers for you.

  54. Cuddling is interesting. If you tell people that you go cuddling, everybody will listen to you. You are still a pioneer and a trailblazer.

  55. Cuddling is naturally intoxicating. The high concentration of feel-good hormones can lead to a "cuddle high" that feels like a light alcohol or drug intoxication. A feeling like being newly in love, in love with life.

  56. Cuddling makes intuitive. When cuddling we learn to trust our body more and more. More and more often and faster we notice our gut feeling and follow it. This will also be translated into your life.

  57. Cuddling is invigorating. When exhausted, cuddling recharges us. We recharge our energy and the spirits of life awaken again.

  58. Cuddling makes you irresistible. Through cuddling we become a gift for our fellow human beings. We are no longer needy and this makes us irresistible. Not to appear needy but to be fulfilled is a true flirt booster.

  59. Cuddling makes you long lasting. Those who touch are supposedly to live longer.

  60. Cuddling makes you lovable, affectionate and friendly. The attention to other people, the feeling of love can help us to develop into better people and to be happier in the end. And that is why cuddling makes us lovable.

  61. Cuddling is magical. Cuddling gives you the opportunity to communicate better with your partner. Cuddling is a love language on its own. Many couple therapists keep telling us how couples can get closer through cuddling. When you are in the arms of your loved one, you tend to be on a whole new level of communication. This is a way of saying how much you feel for each other and how comfortable you feel with each other. By cuddling you tell each other more than a thousand words could do.

  62. Cuddling makes masterly ...in touch. You become a goddess or god of touch and massage. Your loved ones and all cuddling partners will thank you for it.

  63. Cuddling has a motivating effect. The small and big successes and breakthroughs will motivate you to continue working on yourself.

  64. Cuddling nourishes. The first thing to mention here is nourishment. We can make up for the not, or too little received attention of our parents and thereby improve our relationships with men, women and ourselves. We dissolve the trauma of not being wanted. Secondly, being nourished is also important because a "nourished" society simply produces fewer perpetrators and victims.

  65. Cuddling makes passionate. To regularly arrange cuddling sessions with one's partner that leave the sexual space between the two untouched is a relationship- and sex-booster. Completely new sides of the partner and the love for each other will become visible. The intimacy between the two will grow, a completely new trust is created. The sexuality and relationship lived together becomes more and more fulfilling.

  66. Cuddling makes you peaceful. Nations where more cuddling/touching is done are more peaceful than nations where less is done or lived. Cuddling is peace work.

  67. Cuddling is pleasant. Cuddling is pleasurable. I leave every ice cream and every mousse-au-chocolat for a wonderful cuddle. Cuddling is so much better!

  68. Cuddling makes powerful. Through unconditional touch we can make up for the unfulfilled needs in childhood to be seen and to be allowed to be as we are. With its fulfilment comes strength and self-confidence as we stop adapting and wanting to change just to be loved and accepted at last.

  69. Cuddling helps you tp prevent mistakes. Even a short touch, e.g. on the shoulder, makes you perform better in tests.

  70. Cuddling makes us open. We become more open towards all people. If you cuddle only with people you find attractive in the beginning, you will soon discover effortlessly more and more the beauty of other people as well and approach them more openly.

  71. Cuddling is/does it playfully. The joy of playing is rediscovered as soon as one has put aside the seriousness and the questions ("What is cuddling and what is not? Am I doing everything right?"). The possibilities of cuddling are endless. Just discover them.

  72. Cuddling makes positive. Cuddling promotes a positive basic attitude towards life. I have my place, everything is good and life is beautiful (and can be so simple).

  73. Cuddling makes no problems. Ok - let's say more problem-free. Cuddling makes everything feel easier. Tasks and challenges (be it a test, the ascent of a mountain, a difficult conversation or the huge pile of laundry) that does not seem so overwhelming and scary anymore, it is easier to tackle. Problem solved.

  74. Cuddling makes productive. Cuddling makes the brain temporarily shut down. Reset. After that you are a bubbling source of creativity and productivity.

  75. Cuddling is proven.

  76. Cuddling is recommended. For 101 reasons.

  77. Cuddling has a rejuvenating effect. Cuddling is a stress killer and stress makes you old.

  78. Cuddling is a relationship booster. Couples who cuddle a lot stay together longer, argue less, trust each other more and feel a deeper connection to each other than couples who do it little or not at all. For thousands of years the art of touch (massage, laying on of hands) has been used for healing purposes.

  79. Cuddling is relaxed. We get into an almost floating state in which we are simply are, nothing is supposed to beb or wanted anymore - pure relaxation. Filled with cuddling, all the little things and adversities that otherwise drive us crazy simply bounce off.

  80. Cuddling makes respectful. You learn to respect your own limits and those of others.

  81. Cuddling makes us responsible. We can learn and practice to take responsibility for ourselves and stop thinking for others. What the other person supposedly wants and hopes for, we cannot know - we cannot read minds. But we can take responsibility for ourselves and our feelings and communicate them.

  82. Cuddling is romantic. Hach. : ) Cuddling is one of the most beautiful and romantic things you can give your partner. It is more than just pure intimacy. It is a soothing message that tells your partner that you are there for him, he is safe in your arms and he can feel protected. Couples who cuddle more often are happier because they share a whole new level of comfort and love that even cannot be achieved through sex. Cuddling gives you a greater sense of belonging to a particular person than anything else.

  83. Cuddling makes royal. Angeline KuschelQueen has cuddled "hard" to earn this title. You can do that too.

  84. Cuddling makes sad. For now. The experience of closeness, appreciation, recognition and love can cause a lot of pain about the fact that we had to miss them until now. Pain that we didn't want to feel for a long time and couldn't. This is unpleasant but healing. We now become aware of them and they can be "felt through". Touch is the most valuable resource for healing old wounds. Shame, guilt and fear have kept us from satisfying our needs since childhood. It is likely that they will appear if we now surrender to our need for closeness. The only way out is the way in.

  85. Cuddling is satisfying. Yes, indeed, but you have to understand that there are two basic needs when it comes to touch: The need for loving, mindful, unconditional touch and the need for sex and sexual expression. Both need to be fulfilled in order to be truly deeply and fully satisfied. This state of being cannot be achieved through sex alone.

  86. Cuddling provides security. The experience of closeness and belonging (besides freedom one of the first and most important basic needs) is the experience of unconditional emotional security. "I have my place, I belong. I do not have to perform or be anything. I exist, that is enough. I am enough." The experience of being accepted creates a deep feeling of security.

  87. Cuddling makes seductive. If a varying degree of need for closeness and contact exists in a partnership, one partner often feels strongly pressured and therefore might perhaps retreat even further from the partner. As a result the other one is likely to suffer from the felt rejection, the lack of contact and his longing for more. This can also create a power gap. "If you do what I want, you'll get what you want." If the need for cuddling can also be fulfilled outside the relationship the pressure in the partnership is reduced and a meeting at eye level is easier to achieve. Being and acting less needy increases the attractiveness in the relationship.

  88. Cuddling creates self-responsibility. Through cuddling we are encouraged and enabled to take responsibility. If we have learned this in connection with touch, it is transferred to all areas of our being. We take responsibility for our life, for our actions and for their consequences.

  89. Cuddling makes us more sensitive. Touch increases our own body perception. Most people spend 90% of the day in their head. They think, talk or they are busy with what is happening. They forget their bodies and perceive it consciously in the rarest of ways. Chronic tensions or worse arise because we become aware of the signals sent by the body only very late or when it is too late. Touch creates concentration on our body sensations. The perception refines and the connection between us and our body is strengthened.

  90. Cuddling makes you feel skilled. Your hands become skillful head scratchers and coveted back strokers.

  91. Cuddling makes you smart. Through sensual impulses the brain matures faster, because the protective medullary sheaths around the nerve tracts are formed earlier. This leads to improved and faster nerve conduction. Language, stamina and social skills develop better when children feel safe and secure and when they are touched attentively. If children are often cuddled, they are actually smarter. Our brain functions enhance after touch. In one study, for example, it was shown that the participants were able to solve math problems faster and with fewer mistakes after receiving touch than the comparison group, which had to complete the same task without being touched.

  92. Cuddling makes you smile. Come and look at the faces of the participants at the end of a cuddle party.

  93. Cuddling makes solemn. We celebrate life and ourselves.

  94. Cuddling is soothing. With having enough cuddled, a deeply satisfying feeling for calmness comes back to us. The body falls into a deep state of relaxation.

  95. Cuddling spoiled. Your body and you.

  96. Cuddling makes spontaneous. Practising your limits and expressing your wishes again and again soon leads to them bursting out of you without you having to think about it or feel it inside you. You become more authentic and spontaneous in your expression. Also in other aspects of your life.

  97. Cuddling makes you more stable. A person who is resting in his centre is no longer so easily thrown off course.

  98. Cuddling strengthens. Refuelled with positive energy you can face everyday life much better and more powerful again.

  99. Cuddling makes you successful. It has been proven that sports teams that share a lot of physical contact win more often. A waitress who touches her guests lightly is much more likely to get a tip, and salespeople are more successful if they integrate touch into the sales conversation. Touch increases cognitive performance and attention.

  100. Cuddling makes supportive and unselfish. If we have strength again, we can give again, really give and not secretly expect at least as much back or in the worst case even steal back (energy vampires). And it goes on... maybe there will be 1001 reasons.

  101. Cuddling makes tolerant. The discovery that even people we have rejected at first can touch beautifully and have great souls makes us more tolerant to others. The pigeonhole thinking is softened.

  102. Cuddling makes trusting. Cuddling creates trust. When we cuddle the hormone oxytocin is released in our body, also known as the "cuddling hormone". ... Cuddling strengthens the connection between mother and child and father and child (The child actually feels more lifted and becomes more trusting and affectionate. Feels secure in his place in the family) and between all people. Through touch the connections in the brain are strengthened, which makes trust and bonding possible.

  103. Cuddling makes us unworried. Touch causes the release of happiness hormones, which relieve stress and anxiety. Especially the fear of other people, the fear of setting limits and the fear of being rejected can be reduced. Post-traumatic stress syndrome should also be mentioned here whose symptoms decrease when the affected persons are massaged and touched.

  104. Cuddling makes valorous. Cuddling teaches us to allow our feelings and emotions to return which many people have forgotten. They equate emotions with weakness and therefore cannot show when they are disappointed, bitter, fearful or hurt. If these people are touched in a way that is not at all intrusive or invasive, these suppressed emotions can burst forth with power. What touches us inwardly might often be only triggered by external touch. To face this again and again not only heals on many levels it also makes us brave. Brave and ready to face these unattractive and intense emotions again and again until they are healed. Through the newly learned touchability we are able to sustainably satisfy our needs and enter into deep relationships. We no longer have to keep people at a distance for fear of opening up these old wounds. We have learned to deal with them and have made the experience that they will heal although they hurt.

  105. Cuddling makes you feel valued. It is a special gift to receive touch without having to give anything in return. We feel precious and loved.

  106. Cuddling is amazingly versatile and simply never gets boring.

  107. Cuddling makes you warm. In twos or in a cuddle pile it is simply warmer than alone.

  108. A little snuggle makes you warm-hearted. I often observe how a cuddle party participant puts his own needs aside for the moment and is simply there for someone. Holding the other person warm-heartedly in the lap, giving them attention.

  109. Cuddling makes you warmly. Touch is the language of the heart. ("I am touched.") When our heart and its qualities such as empathy and unconditional love are awakened, we actually become more affectionate.

  110. Cuddling is beneficial for weaning bad habits. Firstly, we often reach for cigarettes or chocolate in stressful times. Cuddling is a stress killer. Secondly: Cuddling defeats the desire for bad habits and helps to combat cravings. Be it smoking, sugar cravings or other bad habits, they can all slowly disappear if you cuddle frequently and regularly. If the need for smoking is replaced with a hug, warmth and love it helps to forget dependencies. Thoughts are directed in another positive direction.

  111. Cuddling makes you well-behaved. A cuddled person whines less. He is satisfied and does not have to get attention in any other way.

  112. Cuddling makes you wise. Our wisdom grows with every cuddling experience. We get to know and love ourselves and being human itself.

  113. Cuddling makes valuable. Your self-confidence increases when you are lovingly touched without having to do anything or to be something special. You experience your own value in a new dimension.

  114. Cuddling makes you young. Being happy keeps you young and youthful.

I hope you can understand now how important cuddling is for us humans. Join in! There are an endless amount of reasons why you should start right here and now!

If you can think of any other good reason to cuddle, write me. The list does not seem to be complete by far.

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