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8 reasons why it is awesome to lead cuddle parties.

What's a cuddle party?

A cuddle party is a playful way to deal with communication, boundaries, and attraction or just to cuddle and recharge with power and love after a hard week! It is a wonderful place to get to know yourself better, to relax and to share warmth and closeness.

Cuddling is a means of revitalizing human touch - The clear framework and rules of the Conscious Cuddle Experiences of the KuschelRaum (Cuddling Room) offer a way to experience and explore it in a safe and healthy way.

8 reasons why it is awesome to lead cuddle parties.

1. Health You give everything to your participants: feelings of happiness, reduction of stress and pain, increased immunity and regenerative power and much more that you will experience yourself. Cuddling helps with sleep problems, burn-out, depression, fear, and loneliness. The resulting deep relaxation promotes self-healing powers.

2. Fulfillment You hold the space for people to experience security and appreciation. The experience inspires participants to recognize their own value.

Participants learn to open up and allow closeness. They become more courageous and self-confident. You help open the space for growth.

In the end, everyone shines - an invaluable sight.

3. Money You get paid to open a healing space and take care of people. An absolute privilege.

Many people live in relationships where people like to cuddle a lot and that is great! However, there are a considerable number of people who experience little or no touch. Be it because this is not common in their relationships or because they have no relationship or can't, for whatever reason, share touch with family and friends. These people have to get along without any loving touch, sometimes for a long time, a trigger for stress and loneliness.

According to studies, 10% of the people in Germany feel lonely, or chronically lonely; there is already talk of a loneliness epidemic. Cuddle parties can counteract this.

4. Transformation Another aspect that should not be underestimated is your own transformation. The examination of the themes of touch, intimacy and closeness goes deep and shows you your own construction sites. At every cuddle party you learn and change, maybe you are only a few steps 'ahead' of your participants. You sharing about your challenges and your progress and insights in this regard creates connection and trust. It gives your participants the courage to show themselves too and to go into these processes. A win-win situation.

5. Purpose of life Cuddle parties are sensible activities. You really make the world a better place - one party at a time. Clearly visible in the soft glowing faces of your participants and their feedback. 6. Further development of your social competence Regular cuddling, also through the parties, changes you. It makes you more emphatic and loving. The constant level of oxytocin ensures that you become more relaxed and that a positive mood fills your being, which is then also transferred to the participants.

Every cuddle party strengthens your sense of responsibility.

7. Refining your tactile skills Through active participation, your body awareness develops and becomes finer. Your intuition concerning touch becomes stronger and your hands know more and more by themselves what they are doing. You become a god/goddess of touch.

Communication with your body improves. You feel more clearly what is good for you and what is not. The ability to stand up for your needs and to communicate them clearly grows.

8. Expansion of your professional fields Giving cuddle parties fits almost every professional everyday life. They usually take place on weekends or in the evening to reach as many people as possible and can be integrated into a busy schedule. They do not only nourish your participants but also you; can become your own feel-good filling station.

Start and be part of the cuddle revolution.

Since I've been going to cuddle parties regularly... (a field report from Angeline)

"Offering cuddling professionally has changed my life for the better in many ways. Five years ago I started doing so and since then I feel calmer, more nourished and satisfied.

Five years ago I also experienced my first cuddling party. Full of panic and prejudices I went there and only because I trusted my workshop leader Betty Martin and the party was included in the workshop fee.

And so Betty Martin changed my life completely with her workshop (Like a Pro - Das Wheel of Consent) and her cuddle party.

This first cuddle party I attended was simply enchanting and I had one of the most beautiful cuddling experiences of my life with a stunning Swede, whose name I still don't know today. I wanted to experience that again. But unfortunately, there were no Swedes at my second cuddle party in Berlin and also not the same set of rules. But I need that (the set of rules, not the Swede) to feel safe and comfortable. And therefore I started to offer cuddle parties. Half a year later the KuschelRaum (Cuddling Room) was born and it grows and grows... .

The regular experience of cuddle parties has given me many insights, or as I call them eureka moments, and I am sure that this will continue for a long time to come.

Here I would like to share a few:

I am no longer an energy hole.

And I was for many years. Needy, hungry and grateful for every touch and attention. The eureka moment came when I said "Thank you" and finished a nice back massage because I had had enough. Normally, even if it didn't feel really nice, I would have been lying there quietly hoping it would never end. And now I could say "Thank you" to a beautiful touch and encounter simply because it was round ... and I was no longer an energy hole. Cuddle parties filled me up from the inside.

"It's better to give than to receive."

This saying is from the Bible. And when I first heard it, I completely contradicted it inside. At some point I had understood it intellectually and opened myself up to the idea. The eureka moment came to me at a cuddle party. A man was lying in my lap, I scratched his head and was HAPPY. I wanted nothing, I needed nothing. Being able to give him a gift, and being able to give him a gift filled me completely. I had not only understood the sentence, I had embodied it. The state of "It's better to give than to receive." is incredibly beautiful and fulfilling.

My body catapults me out of the sacrificial posture.

There is also a time BC (before cuddle parties) and AC (after cuddle parties). I won't go deep into the #metoo debate at this point, but I know such situations and the sacrificial posture that often result from them.

BC: Something that clearly wasn't approved of happened to my body, my head got in the way and prevented me from resisting and stopping: "Maybe he doesn't mean it. What will the others think? It is not so bad to make such a fuss about it. … )" Shame was added to the mis, the feeling of embarrassment, helplessness and being at the mercy of others, in short: the perfect sacrificial mode.

AC: But now, I have said no so often at the Conscious Cuddle Experiences, the cuddle parties of the KuschelRaum, and I have given my body its right that my no has become an automatism. If something doesn't feel right and coherent, my body jumps in and out of it. If now a touch threatens to be forced upon me, my body stops this automatically before I can think. For example, I hold the hands of the person opposite me and I say No loud and clear. I no longer feel guilty about this. It is my body and he is right.

When I became aware of this I had that eureka moment and deep gratitude for my body.

"Speak your truth." Tell your truth.

- was written on a symbol card and when you are in the spiritual community, like me, this is a sentence that is often heard and often said. Up til now, I understood it as a request to open my mouth and to show myself with what I do not want. To dare to express my needs and wishes and to speak plain language, in short: to grumble and complain. But "Speak your truth." refers to EVERYTHING! My truth is also to say when I find someone beautiful, enriching, lovable or admirable and when something happens that touches and inspires me. "Speak your truth." is to express compliments, gratitude and limitations.

Cuddling changes people deeply and in the gentlest way I know.

To put it plainly: I get paid for lying in a warm, beautiful room and cuddling with wonderful people. (Of course, there's a lot more to it than that, but it's part of this wonderful profession). What a gift. I celebrate it again and again very consciously and I am deeply grateful for it.

I very much hope that this valuable work will soon be offered worldwide by well-trained cuddle party leaders so that as many people as possible can enjoy this experience.

Therefore I have developed a well-founded holistic training program".

Why an education?

You hold the space for people to open up and feel safe enough to let themselves fall and go through challenging processes. This requires comprehensive knowledge and extensive skills. You need to be able to lead a group in a structured and clear way and to be able to deal with strong emotions.

In the training Cuddle Party Leadership we teach and practice among other things:

  • to be able to step into the lead and the leading role and to feel comfortable with it

  • to develop strong social skills and thus the ability to see the best in other people

  • effective and appreciative communication, active listening

  • attentiveness and the ability to pay attention

  • a well-trained body awareness and a clear body language

  • emotional openness and the ability to deal with intense emotions

A comprehensive education is indeed necessary to ensure the high-quality standard that is a prerequisite for people to entrust themselves to you.

What are the requirements to lead cuddle parties?

  • A minimum age of 18 years

  • Professionalism and reliability

  • The previous visit of cuddle parties and the knowledge of the challenges and gifts of these events

  • Impartiality, openness, and interest in people and their path

  • Patience and the ability to pick people up where they stand

  • Awareness of the great responsibility that comes with people entrusting themselves to you and your leadership

  • The willingness to follow the rules and the ethical mindset of the cuddling room

Experience in healthcare or a background in tactile therapies is an advantage but not a prerequisite.

What does the training include?

Our training Cuddle Party Leadership includes a detailed handbook, 4 days of training with many exercises on understanding roles, mindfulness or dealing with emotions, cuddling units and supervision. We discuss the preparation and follow-up of a cuddle party, go through its course in detail and discuss the meaning and purpose of the rules. The participants experience different cuddle party formats and lead a cuddle party on their own.

We will answer all questions and give insight into what you can expect and look forward to when giving a cuddle party.

Why decide to train in the KuschelRaum?

The cuddle parties of the KuschelRaum are something special in the German cuddle landscape. The unique rules create a safe framework that creates a relaxed and open atmosphere in which everything can be shown: fear, laughter, crying, closeness, love... .

At our parties every touch is voluntary. There are no touching exercises, only the gut feeling decides and guides the participants from moment to moment, from encounter to encounter. Our cuddle parties are under the motto: The body is right and its impulses are followed unconditionally.

The different formats set different (learning) and experiential priorities.

We do not only want to create a space for feeling good but also a safe framework for transformation and self-knowledge.

It is also our declared goal to redefine the perception of the cuddling industry. As a future-oriented company, we know that cuddling is in tune with the spirit of the times like no other wellness and health offer because it has a holistic and sustainable effect. It is our concern to give cuddling the place it deserves and to eliminate prejudices.

We want to make our contribution so that our society becomes a touching one and future generations can grow up with a healthy body feeling and body awareness.

Thus we have adopted four key values: authenticity, empathy, joy, and quality. These values represent our guiding stars and give us a clear sense of purpose and direction in achieving our goals.

Our aim is to provide our participants with a first-class service. Therefore, all our cuddle party leaders have to go through a comprehensive training program. We are looking forward to going this way with you.

What happens after the training?

You can work completely independent of the KuschelRaum or become part of the KuschelraumCommunity. If you decide to join the KuschelRaum Community, you have the possibility to be listed on the KuschelRaum website, but you will still work independently. All the money you earn from your cuddle parties and cuddle events will be at your disposal. The only costs you have to pay are the monthly low membership fees for the KuschelRaum platform.

Being part of the platform/network brings obligations and privileges. You have the possibility to advertise with the website, so you don't have to create and maintain your own website and benefit from our standing. You are allowed to use the logo and you will receive print templates for vouchers, the 10er KuschelKarte and greeting cards. You will receive your own email address and if desired your own URL. The network also offers support for questions and challenges that might arise in your job. Being a part of the KuschelRaumCommunity also means to adhere to our code of conduct and guidelines at all times, as you represent our company.

Become part of the KuschelRaum, carry the cuddly thought into the world.

We are looking for people who are empathetic and able to hold the space for many participants.

We are looking for people who have understood the importance of intentionless and loving touch and that everyone should have unconditional access to it.

We are looking for people who have the ambition to offer cuddle parties of the highest quality.

We look forward to welcoming you to the KuschelRaum!

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