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The 4 key values of the KuschelRaum - our ethical mindset.

We have defined 4 key values for us in the KuschelRaum that represent our guiding stars and give us a clear sense of purpose and direction in achieving our goals. These are authenticity, empathy, joy and quality.

The four key values of the KuschelRaum

1. authenticity

We believe in the idea of cuddling and live it.

We are people with rough edges and have a path of self-knowledge behind us or are aware that this path never ends.

We know that it is not about perfection but about the courage to show ourselves with all the challenges, construction sites, victories and moments of happiness.

We want to live joy and carry it into the world without avoiding depth and pain.

We want to live more and more according to our needs.

Synonyms: Authenticity, genuineness, integrity, credibility, security, original

Word origin: The term authenticity is derived from the Greek "authentikós" = "genuine" and the late Latin "authenticus" = "guaranteed, genuine, original, reliable".

Definition: It describes the property of a thing, person or organisation to be authentic, i.e. to have been checked for authenticity and "found to be original".

2. empathy

We believe that all people are equal in their nature, have similar fears, reservations, motivations, goals, wishes, dreams and needs and share much more in common than differences.

We have chosen to see the best in people and to meet them with openness and compassion.

We are constantly working on increasing our empathy to be able to engage with our clients in a deep and comprehensive way.

Synonyms: empathy, sensitivity, tact, compassion, participation, understanding, tenderness

Word origin: Empathy comes from the ancient Greek "empátheia", which means "passionate empathy"; formed from the Greek "em-" = "in, in it, in" and "pathos" = "mood, soul movement".

Definition: The willingness and ability to empathize with the attitudes of others.

3. joy

We believe that life is all about feeling joy and living it - without avoiding depth (challenges, growth and pain).

To be in joy and to feel joy is indeed a choice. We do not mean here a utopian unbroken series of peak moments of happiness but a state of quiet inner joy that brings a smile to our faces.

We believe that the ability to rejoice (more and more) and feel joy, as all activities can be learned. A constantly high level of oxytocin, triggered by loving touch, can support us wonderfully. We become more open, more loving, more affectionate and thus also give gifts to our surroundings, because good mood is contagious: a perpetuum mobile of happiness and joy is created.

And from joy it is only a small jump to enthusiasm, bliss and ecstasy.

Synonyms: merriment, cheerfulness, gaiety, exhilaration, happiness, joy, pleasure, delight, pleasure, pleasure, delight, amusement, pleasure, pleasure, pleasure, pleasure, pleasure, pleasure, bliss, bliss, pleasure, pleasure, bliss

Word origin: "Joy" can be traced back to the Middle High German "vröuwen" or the Old High German "frewan". Both words derive from the Germanic "frawija" = to rejoice.

Definition: state of mind, triggered by positive emotions, based on beautiful experiences, adventures or memories. Our emotional and emotional needs are satisfied. When we feel joy, we feel good.

4. quality

We want to set a consistently high quality standard and redefine the perception of the cuddling industry.

Therefore all providers of cuddling services in the KuschelRaum, be it cuddle therapists, coaches or cuddle party leaders, go through a high-quality, well-founded and comprehensive training programme. Professional and therapeutic cuddling is more than just being able to touch. Cuddling means development and is transformation. In order to be able to hold the space for it, it requires profound knowledge, a high understanding of processes and far-reaching skills.

We feel deep gratitude for the courage and openness of every person who finds their way into the cuddling room and decides to go on this path to self-care. We are aware of the great responsibility that comes with lovingly accompanying and supporting people.

Synonym: value, goodness, high quality, standard, substance, level, ability, class, format

Word origin: Quality is based on the Latin "qualitas" which means constitution, characteristic, property and condition.

Definition: In common parlance, quality stands for condition or properties. In economics, quality refers to the value or goodness of a product or service from the user's point of view. Quality is equated with compliance with specifications.

What are the aims of the KuschelRaum?

Our declared goals are:

  • to redefine the perception of cuddling and the cuddling industry As a future-oriented company we know that cuddling is in line with the spirit of the times like no other wellness and health offer because it has a holistic and sustainable effect. We regard cuddling not only as a source of wellbeing and a filling station but also as a transformation and process work.

  • To give cuddling the place it deserves and to dispel prejudices.

  • to make our contribution to making our society a touching one so that future generations can grow up with a healthy body feeling and body awareness.

  • to offer our clients and participants a first-class service. Therefore, all of our cuddle therapists and cuddle party leaders have to go through a comprehensive in-depth training program.

  • to put the needs of our clients first without neglecting our own needs.

This is based on an ethical mindset that guides us and to which everyone who represents the KuschelRaum in the course of their work has committed themselves.

The Ethical Mindset of the KuschelRaum

Everyone who is part of the KuschelRaumCommunity, i.e. all certified cuddle therapists, coaches, cuddle party leaders and trainers who are part of the network, have committed themselves to agree to it and to live it.

As members of the KuschelRaumCommunity

  • we are ready to offer our cuddling services and offers without judgement, in compassion and unconditional acceptance.

  • all people are welcome, regardless of gender, religion, sexual preferences, age, weight, profession, ethnicity, ... .

  • we are only allowed to reject a client/participant if the necessary requirements for the session/cushion event are not met (age of majority, hygiene, sobriety).

  • we are aware that the aim is not to bring the clients into a dependency. Rather, it is about empowering the clients to be able to integrate the cuddles they need into their lives and to be open with their wishes for touch, closeness and intimacy. We encourage them to carry the idea of cuddling into the world, especially into their families and circles of friends.

  • we are interested in working towards a society that is touch positive and touching. In which every person has both a great body awareness and a high emotional intelligence.

  • we have committed ourselves to follow all rules of professional cuddling and to make sure that they are followed, for the benefit of all involved.

  • we strictly adhere to the fact that any sexual interaction or intention is taboo and thus ensure that the connection between cuddling and sex in people's minds is not strengthened but dissolved.

  • we have not drunk alcohol or taken drugs during and before work.

FAQ and rules of a cuddle session

FAQ and rules of a cuddle party

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