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Welcome to 

KuschelRaum - Conscious touching.

... the room     
for wonderful and mindful cuddle parties,

cuddle sessions, workshops, coaching and

trainings around the topics conscious touch,

intimacy and deep connectedness.     


This should be a place of growth, authenticity and above all joy.
A space to gently embrace yourself, to allow yourself the sweetness of life,
              to nourish, to show with all the wishes and limits and
to dare to just be yourself.
 A place where you can meet other people beyond small talk and superficiality

with the senses and directly on the heart level.

Known from: 

Mission and Vision

Touch nourishes us, makes us blossom and shine.

We feel rounder, fuller, seen, perceived.

It is wonderful to make the experience of consciously separating sex and cuddling and letting go in the knowledge that there is no goal.

In this unintentional space there is the wonderful possibility to discover yourself and to let go of any performance pressure.

To live conscious touch instead of automatisms.
Hoping that others will guess our wishes and needs and then unconditionally give us what we need can only lead to disappointment. This is where we go into self-care, take responsibility for our well-being and thereby build up new and deeper trust in ourselves.

How do you want to be touched? How do you want to touch? What gives you joy and pleasure?

An ever more powerful Yes to yourself is the gift of this space.

Imagine ...

Touch, love, relationships and mindfulness

learning is just as normal as dealing with
mathematics or the beauty of poetry.

Bodies are no longer just vehicles that are chased through life, but equal guiding stars
next to mind, heart and spirit.

It is so normal to share touch and intimacy,
that our need for closeness is fully satisfied
becomes - substitute actions or
Anaesthetics are out of the question.

Instead of endurance and functioning, the
I felt life. More and more moments in it
are consciously perceived.

We are sense people.

"To grow and prosper, we people need 
                     the touch as much as flowers touch water.“
Kalashatra Govinda

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Angeline - CuddleQueen

I love touch
to be touched, to be touched and to give touch.

I live for sharing deep encounters with other people,
to laugh and find the courage more and more

to always follow my heart.
I firmly believe that we are all on a journey and that we are constantly evolving.

We set the pace ourselves.

In my cuddle parties, workshops, coachings and cuddle sessions
I create a safe, distinctive space with clarity,
Empathy, directness and humour.

The conscious decision towards more joy, more ecstasy,
more love and... more...
is up to everyone and maybe the step into the 

might be the next right one for you.




Love letters

"My whole body is smiling."

"Angeline - CuddleQueen, your cuddle partys are the King of cuddle partys."

"I have never been so conscious of touch."

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Melde dich gern, wir freuen uns auf dich.

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