Being a cuddle therapist

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Training cuddle therapy

Giving security and attentive touch.


To give touch and mindfulness is one of the greatest gifts one can give to people.

Sharing touch and mindfulness is one of the greatest gifts one can receive.

The training cuddling therapy is based on four pillars

  • Role of the cuddle therapist - his tasks: Creating a framework, communication skills, providing security, 
    Touch techniques - clothed full body massage / Shiatsu with the focus on head, feet, hands and back, cuddling positions

  • Cuddling theory - knowledge about touch, cuddling, the sense of touch, skin, hormones, benefits and learning fields of cuddling as well as a short excursion into aromatherapy

  • Wheel of Consent by Betty Martin - experience and explore the four quadrants that Bossy Massage can teach and learn

In 4 modules you will learn everything you need in group and self-study to feel safe and competent when you interact with clients and get involved in intimate proximity with strangers. This gives you the unique opportunity to cuddle very different people under guidance. With a lot of fun and openness we explore the wide fields of cuddling together and experience first-hand how beneficial and nourishing a cuddling session can be. Honest feedback helps you to move forward, the skills you learn will support your whole life.
After completion of the training there is the possibility to become part of the network (Internet presence, own email address, own URL).

My role

Authenticity and presence

Mindfulness and perception exercises Communication: yes and no 

Setting and maintaining boundaries


Cuddling theory

Touch and cuddling

Benefits and fields of learning

Structure and rules of a cuddling session


Touch techniques

Full body massage/Shiatsu

Variations of touch

Snuggle positions

provide security

Wheel of Consent

in theory and practice
Understanding of the 4 quadrants (

touch and reception qualities)
Bossy Massage

"Loving and mindful presence seems to me to be the strongest healing support,
that I can provide for my clients."
 Maria-Anne Gallen

6 reasons why it is great to be a cuddle therapist


Everything that your participants experience: stress reduction, feelings of happiness, increase in immune and regenerative power and much more you experience yourself.


You give people security and appreciation. You inspire them to recognize their own value.


You get paid to hug people and take care of them.

An absolute privilege.

You can find more reasons in our article here.


It changes you, makes you more emphatic and loving. 

Purpose in life

Cuddling is one of the most sensible activities. You actually improve the world - with one hug after another. Clearly visible in the relaxed, glowing faces of your clients.


You can become part of the cuddling room network. Use it as a platform to present yourself and your offer. Benefit from our knowledge and experience.

ONLINE information event - so far in german only

VIDEO der Infoveranstaltung vom 15.02.2020 anschauen:

live call on facebook  |  Here you can watch the video.

You can find the event on the facebook page of the KuschelRaumes.

Training - Module 1

Workshop in the group

Fr:    3 pm -  8 pm 

Sa:  10 am - 8 pm 

Su:  10 am - 8 pm 

public cuddle party

Su:  5 pm - 8 pm 



  • Cuddle theory: tactile senses, skin, hormones..

  • Benefits of touch and cuddling

  • Role understanding - authentic self and cuddle therapist

  • Ethical mindset

  • Presence and mindfulness exercises

  • Perception training

  • Active, compassionate listening

  • Clothed full body massage/Shiatsu  

  • Cuddle positions and touch variations / part 1 

  • Rules and procedure of a cuddle session  

  • Communication of boundaries, wishes and rules

  • Dealing with bounderies

  • Dealing with bounderie crossings (yellow card, red card)

  • Personal safety

  • Selfcare

Training - Module 2 - self-study


  • 3 documented massage sessions including feedback

  • Prepare Wheel of Consent: Watch Betty Martin's Wheel of Consent videos and explore her website (

  • Internalize and practice cuddling positions

  • Participation in a total of 5 cuddle parties in the KuschelRaum (is optional for participants outside Berlin, we will find an individual solution). 

Training - Module 3

Workshop in the group

Fr:    3 pm -  8 pm 

Sa:  10 am - 8 pm 

Su:  10 am - 9 pm 

public cuddle party

Su:  5 pm - 9 pm 

  • Cuddle positions and touch variations / part 2

  • Dealing with emotions

  • Learning fields and possibilities of a cuddle session

  • Awareness raising ands understanding of specific needs: physical or psychological challenges, trauma victims, fetishes

  • Emergency guidelines

  • Wheel of Consent in theory and practice - explore and experience the four qualities 

  • Learn and teach Bossy Massage

  • Aromatherapy: getting to know theory and "cuddle oils

  • Relaxed contact with the press: Contact, preparation, appearance

  • Open question and practice room

Training - Module 4 - self-study


  • 10 documented cuddling sessions within 10 month

  • 3 sessions of supervision within 1-2 years, personally or via Skype (optional)

  • Proof of first aid course, not older than two year

  • Participation in a total of 5 cuddle parties in the KuschelRaum (is optional for participants outside Berlin, we will find an individual solution)

  • Certificate

  • Start your own business.

  • Feedback on advertising, website and appearance

  • Possibility to become part of the network after receiving the certificate (with own email address and URL)

The training includes
  • 2 modules = 6 days = 47 hours theory and practice in a grou

  • 2 modules of practice and self-study

  • Supervision and individual feedback (3 sessions 60 min. incl.)

  • Participation in 5 cuddle parties of the KuschelRaum (free entrance). For participants of the training who live outside of Berlin we will find an individual solution.

  • Comprehensive manual

  • Bob Grader's book "The Cuddle Sutra"

  • Certificate

  • Feedback on advertising, website and appearance

After the training you have the opportunity to become part of the strongly growing network of the KuschelRaum.

  • You're 18 years old or older.

  • You agree to follow the Ethical Mindset of the KuschelRaum. Please read carefully the FAQ, rules and terms and conditions of the cuddle session and the article: The 4 key values of the KuschelRaum - our Ethical Mindset

  • To complete the training Cuddling Therapy (certificate), participation in all modules is required. In addition, 3 massage sessions and 10 cuddling sessions including reflection and feedback, participation in 5 cuddling parties of the KuschelRaum (individual solution for participants who do not live in Berlin) and the existence of a first aid course (not older than 2 years) must be proven. 

There is the possibility to stay overnight in the KuschelRaum. You can talk to me about it.


Are there any requirements for the training

Why a training?

There are very few prerequisites for the training:

  • You're 18 years old or older.

  • You have attended cuddle parties, or know that you can cuddle with 'strangers' and share closeness. You have attended cuddle parties, or you know that you can cuddle and share closeness with 'strangers' or you have a clear idea of where you want to apply what you have learned: e.g. in the institution where you work, as a complement to your activity as a bodyworker, ... etc.

  • You have already received several times the feedback that your touches feel beautiful


A background as massage therapist, bodyworker or therapist is helpful but not a prerequisite.

In the course of the training, further prerequisites crystallize. But these do not have to be fulfilled from the beginning. That is what the training is for. To become and to be a cuddle therapist is a process. New insights are always growing, new experiences are made. Cuddling therapy is growth.

Why a training?

A comprehensive education is indeed necessary to ensure the high quality standard which is the basic requirement for people to feel safe enough to open up and let themselves fall.

Requirements for cuddle therapists (will be taught in the training):

  • You must be able to put the client at the center of things. This requires altruism, empathy and compassion

  • You must be able to evoke inside you a state of universal love for all people, regardless of personal preferences regarding character and appearance.

  • You must be a natural communicator, especially in physical communication. Clients should feel comfortable with you and be able to let themselves go. 

  • You need a well-trained body intelligence. This means that your body can intuitively interpret the signals of the other body and react to them. You do not work methodically but intuitively. Your hands should be awake and able to touch beautifully

  • You are able to give without demanding anything in return. (The energy balance takes place on another level in the form of money).

  • You must have clarified most of your issues regarding closeness, intimacy and bonding in advance. Be aware that some of these issues will come up during the training and will require attention.

  • You must enjoy touching people, but not abuse it for your own needs. You must not be cuddled up and needy yourself. Then there would be the danger that you take instead of giving

  • During the session your body will also go into a deep state of relaxation and recovery. You must be able to stay awake and in the role of therapist.

Be aware that the training is challenging. Cuddling therapists have to deal with many issues concerning closeness and intimacy. Experience shows that some of these come to light during the training. So make sure that you not only have time for homework but also time to integrate.

Investment 880 € / 800 € reduced 
This includes:
  • 47 hours theory and practice in a group
  • 3 individual sessions of coaching/supervision worth 120 €
  • Participation in 5 cuddle parties of the KuschelRaum in the value of 75 - 100 €
  • Bob Grader's book "The Cuddle Sutra"
  • Comprehensive manual (more than 100 pages full of theory and practical tips.)


  • 880 € / 800 € reduced

  • Early booking discount: complete bank transfer until 30.06.2020: 770 €

  • 2 instalments (1st instalment before module 1 and 2nd instalment before module 3): 880 € / 800 € reduced rate

  • bank account details:      Name: Heilfort   |   BIC: HELADEF1822   |  
                                          IBAN: DE28 5005 0201 1252 208 624

  • Questions and registration:

  • You can finde the terms and conditions here. Please read them carefully.

The next training courses will start in August and September 2020.


The Autumn training 2020: 

Modul 1:   25.09. - 27.09. 2020                        

Modul 3:   30.10. - 01.11. 2020

The training as a cuddle therapist takes place twice a year.


The spring training 2021:  

Modul 1:  12.03. - 14.03. 2021                        

Modul 3:  16.04. - 18.04. 2021


No date fits? Please contact me, we will find an individual solution.


After the training you have the possibility to become part of the strongly growing network of the KuschelRaum.

The trainer

Angeline Anett Heilfort

The trainer  

  • is a masseuse (training in classical massage, Thai massage, Watsu, Lomi Lomi, etc.).

  • is a Zen-Shiatsu health practitioner.

  • is a trainer according to the aptitude regulation of the IHK / Berlin.

  • is a trainer with 10 years, coach and mediator with 5 years of professional experience.

  • has successfully completed the training "Train the Trainer" at Moves, Berlin.

  • is a cuddle therapist according to the method she developed.


Yes, I want to be a cuddle therapist.

If you decide immediately also for the training cuddle party management, you get a package discount of 100 €.


Feedback from a graduate of the training March/April 2019

"Thank you, dear Angeline, for this deep and wonderful training, which takes up and conveys exactly what we should all take for granted - touch!

In your own warm and true way you introduced us to the theory of cuddling with many practical exercises. I appreciate your clarity and structure, your humour with which you bring us all closer to cuddling. After the two training weekends, I now hold a "method case" in my hands, which on the one hand helps me to create the framework for a cuddling session and to hold it reliably, and on the other hand I deal much more consciously with my own private relationships and encounters. I am literally more sensitive and mindful both on a mental and physical level. It is as if I have developed new receptors.

I am irrepressibly happy that I was one of the first to be able to do this training, which you created especially for me

JI recommend Angeline's training to anyone who is interested in bodywork. Here you will learn how to treat yourself and your client with care. You learn to give touch that respects your boundaries and the boundaries of the other."

Feedback from a graduate of the training October/November 2019

"Angeline's training in cuddling therapy summarizes for me the complete specialist knowledge of this relatively new field of work, she has done valuable pioneering work and set a very pleasingly high standard. From different partner positions and massage techniques to dealing with client reactions and traumas and setting and demanding the respective limits, we have received concrete tools, from interior design to appearance to the setting up of a cuddle therapy session, there has been a lot of support to put into practice. Backgrounds on hormone balance, models of the client-therapist relationship and the flow of touch energy allowed us to experience the high responsibility of the cuddle therapist.

Angeline conveys all this in a well structured and receptive way, in the form of a thick script and many practical exercises. Her strong presence and her direct, warm-hearted manner hold the room, we laughed, cuddled and felt a lot. I leave very touched and enriched from this training, with a lot of competence and desire to cuddle - Thank you dearest Angeline for this gift!"

"The noblest of all senses is the sense of touch, for in it dwells the soul.
When the sense of touch expands, the soul grows.
"Charaka Samitha


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