"We are all angels with only one wing.

                 To fly, we must embrace each other."  Luciano de Crescendo

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Training Cuddle therapy

Giving security and attentive touch.

Training Facilitating cuddle partys

Share variations of happiness with others.

Facilitate Conscious Cuddle Experiences.

Training Touch coaching

To support people to discover themselves and to allow and experience touch, closeness and intimacy.


Support in work and processes

Cuddle therapy - Why, why, why?

Cuddling therapy combines mindful unconditional touch, emotional openness and intimacy, touches on all levels and thus creates a healing space.

In this way we can counteract the lack of touch - a phenomenon that is becoming more and more widespread as fewer and fewer people are firmly integrated into a supportive family structure or a large circle of friends. 50% of households are now single households, and the trend is rising.

The consequences of lack of touch include loneliness and the feeling of not belonging, a sense of meaninglessness, depression, greater susceptibility to illness and stress.

Lack of touch can only be countered with touch, an open ear and understanding - as for example in talk therapy - can support, but real relief can only come through mindful touch.

What can cuddle therapists and touch coaches do that others cannot?

We can put our own wishes and sensitivities behind us, because we have taken good care of ourselves. We don't bring a secret agenda into the session, which could mean, for example, "I give to you, but take secretly."

We don't want anything in return, give an open ear, unconditional appreciation and loving touch. The compensation for this takes place exclusively on a financial level.

We have the ability to be emphatic, altruistic and put the client at the centre of attention. We do not judge. Through this professional framework, there is no urge to please on the receiving side.    We have great body intelligence, communicate with and through the body and have awakened hands.

It takes talent and practice to be able to completely engage with another, foreign person.



"Thank you, dear Angeline, for this deep and wonderful training, which takes up and conveys exactly what we should all take for granted - touch!

In your very own warm and true way you introduced us to the theory of cuddling with many practical exercises. I appreciate your clarity and structure, your humour with which you bring us all closer to cuddling. After the two training weekends, I now hold a "method case" in my hands, which on the one hand helps me to create the framework for a cuddling session and to keep it reliable, and on the other hand I deal much more consciously with my own private relationships and encounters. I am literally more sensitive and mindful both on a mental and physical level. It is as if I have developed new receptors.

I am irrepressibly happy that I was one of the first to be able to do this training, which you created especially for me.

JI recommend Angeline's training to anyone who is interested in bodywork. Here you will learn how to treat yourself and your client with care. You learn to give touch that respects your boundaries and the boundaries of the other."

Jessica - graduate of the training cuddle therapy March/April 2019 März/April 2019

"Angeline's training in cuddling therapy summarizes for me the complete specialist knowledge of this relatively new field of work, she has done valuable pioneering work and set a very pleasingly high standard. From different partner positions and massage techniques to dealing with client reactions and traumas and setting and demanding the respective limits, we have received concrete tools, from interior design to appearance to the setting up of a cuddle therapy session, there has been a lot of support to put into practice. Backgrounds on hormone balance, models for the client-therapist relationship and the flow of touch energy made us experience the high responsibility of the cuddle therapist.angeline conveys all this in a well structured and receptive way, in the form of a thick script and many practical exercises. Her strong presence and her direct, warm-hearted manner hold the room, we laughed, cuddled and felt a lot. I leave very touched and enriched from this training, with a lot of competence and desire for cuddling - Thank you dearest Angeline for this gift!

Viola -  graduate of the training cuddle therapy October/November 2019


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