"We are all angels with only one wing.

To fly, we have to embrace each other."

Luciano De Crescenzo

Cuddling sessions
bookable again from

11 May.

We can cuddle again. 

There is mask duty but closeness and attentive touch we may share again.

We cuddle therapists are looking forward to meet you.


Cuddling session 
Cuddling session with cacao ceremony

Therapeutic cuddling

Click here for the sessions:

Corona Break for a undefined period of time

Cuddle partys

Cuddle at home, cuddle alone with you... just cuddle.

A constant level of oxytocin helps against fear and makes it easier to overcome challenges.

We will be back soon with the cuddle parties and the single sessions.

Acquisition / Questions:

cuddle therapy

25.09.20 - 17.09.20

Details of the Training:

Be a cuddle therapist and give wonderful cuddle sessions.

To give touch and mindfulness is one of the greatest gifts one can give to people.

Sharing touch and mindfulness is one of the greatest gifts one can receive.

Registration / Questions:


Facilitating Cuddle Partys

13.05.21 - 16.05.21

Details of the Training:

Create a place where people can share the most beautiful thing there is:

mindful touch.

Keep the space for people to exchange nourishing touch or/and go into deep emotional and transforming processes.

Registration / Questions:

10 times Cuddling

Cuddle cart

Enjoy cuddle parties regularly.


Details of the G&TC of the 10er cuddle card:

All information in brief 


Investment: 150 € | 100 € reduced for 10 dates

Applies to all cuddle parties of the KuschelRaums.

Validity: 15 months from date of purchase

The KuschelKarte is not transferable.

Acquisition / Questions:

"My hole body smiles."

Participant of the Conscious Cuddle Party from 25.03.2018


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