Cuddle buddys by KuschelRaum

"Cuddling is a human right!" Angeline

Cuddle buddys by KuschelRaum

Find your cuddle buddy/ies.


How to find your dream cuddling partner.

You are missing attentive platonic touch?

You long for loving and conscious exchange?


Kuschelbuddys by KuschelRaum could be your opportunity for this.

On facebook we have founded the private group Kuschelbuddys by KuschelRaum.

There you will find Cuddly Buddies.

There you will find people who are interested in physical contact at eye level - in mutual respect and mutual appreciation.


Just click here on the link and send an application for membership. After that you will be admitted and now you only have to put a YES under the rules and the manifesto and you can start.

Post yourself or simply ask other group members.

Rules and manifesto of the Kuschelbuddy-Group

Welcome to Kuschelbuddys (Cuddle Buddies).

If you want to be part of this group, please post a YES under this set of rules. This yes means:

"I have read and understood the rules. I agree with every single rule and will follow them. I am aware that I care for my own safety and am careful in dealing with the other participants. 

I am only looking for one or more Cuddle Buddies here. 

I agree that my name, my phone number and my address may be passed on for the Safecall".

This yes means safety for all members.


Rules of the group:

Be inspired by the rules of the Kuschelraum. You can read them here:

faq cuddle session

faq cuddle party


Decide for yourself which ones you want to apply for and in which way, and communicate changes verbally and openly with each other.


Everything is voluntary!

Nothing happens without content/approval/mutual agreement.

You stay in the cuddle energy and communicate openly about it when you have left it or want to do so. By leaving the cuddle energy (oxytocin instead of adrenalin = deep relaxation instead of excitement) you are no longer cuddle buddies and please officially end the cuddle encounter. You will be something different. At this point I only want to make you aware of it and make it a clear decision.


Furthermore, the following applies:

...each member is responsible for his or her own actions. 


This is not a dating site. Leave aside hopes and wishes of this kind, so it will be more relaxed for everyone.


The cuddling happens without any return service. No commercial offers are posted or made.


How does it work:

You post your wish and your zip code. Then you just write to each other.

I recommend a phone call before the first meeting. 

Furthermore I recommend a safecall at the first meetings, i.e. you give the address and phone number to a friend and then you have to call back with a certain sentence or word at a fixed time. If this call does not take place, your friend will take action as previously agreed.

Expect the best and make sure you are covered.


Indulge yourself with oxytocin and bliss!


"Cuddling is a human right!" Angeline


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