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Contact:  elena@kuschelraum.de ┃+43 660 7463548 


Elena is currently in her bachelor's degree in education and educational science and is writing her bachelor's thesis on the subject of "Body contact in an educational context".
She is continuously educating herself on the topics of cuddling and touch.

"Wonderful person, in our common touching and cuddling session a safe space opens up for you, where you can experience appreciation and acceptance.Let yourself be surprised about the possibilities that arise when touch is practiced in mutual agreement, with attentiveness and respect. Feel deep relaxation, discover the magic of slowness, be in the here and now, (re)get to know your body, feel safe and secure. In doing so, you regularly listen to yourself to see if everything still feels right. If not, we will change it - only your wishes guide us.

Together we dive into the magic of cuddling. We can talk, keep silent, laugh, cry, cuddle or just sit next to each other. Everything is possible and good as it is. Whatever wants to show itself, I am here for you. I am totally dedicated to your wishes and needs. What do you want right now? Which request do you bring along?

I am very much looking forward to getting to know you and to opening a loving space for you."


Elena offers touching and cuddling sessions as home visits and opens Conscious Cuddle Experience rooms. (Touch-intensive experience rooms, based on the rules of the KuschelRaum.) 

Questions / make an appointment:  elena@kuschelraum.de ┃+43 660 7463548

More Informations: facebook




Training Facilitating Cuddle partys | KuschelRaum, Berlin


Training Cuddle Therapy | KuschelRaum, Berlin

Training Cuddle trainer  (Touch- cuddlepartyhost) | Berlin

since 2018

Personal assistance  | Graz

since 2017

Spielmobilerin at the Kinderfreunden Steiermark | Graz


Supervisor summer camp Kinderfreunde Steiermark | Italien

since 2016

Study of education and educational sciences | Graz


Further training as team leader | Greenpeace, Graz

2014 - 2016

Fundraising bei Greenpeace Österreich | Graz


Massage course  | Wien


Languages: German, Russian, English

Interests: talking/working with people (from young to old), nature, environmental topics, theatre, touching, running, reading, dancing

Here you can find a wonderful article from Elena, in which she talks about her work.


Touch and cuddle session

Investment: 70 € / 50 € reduced * | 1.0 hours 105 € / 75 € reduced * | 1.5 hours 140 € / 100 € reduced * | 2.0 hours ..

Conscious Cuddle Experience - Rooms

Elena's own creation of the Conscious Cuddle Experience (The rules of the cuddle room are the basis).

Investment: 30 € / 20 € reduced * | 4 hours     

More information about Elena's touch rooms / cuddle parties.

* The offer applies to students, pupils, job seekers, pensioners and single parents.

If the offers are not suitable for your wallet for other reasons, please contact Elena. A solution will surely be found. Cuddling should be possible for everyone.


Feedback for Elena

"I think it's great that Elena is now bringing the concept of cuddle meetings (which is already much more established in other countries!) to Graz. For me it is a wonderful setting to recharge my batteries and it clearly has an effect beyond the event into everyday life. This is also Elena's approach - to inspire trust (through touch) and to stimulate personal growth in order to be able to meet each other more consciously and freely. She herself cuddles with the events and that with body and soul. I was also allowed to enjoy a one to one session and felt wonderfully safe. Conclusion: Both thumbs up!"

"I have come to know Elena as a very empathic woman, who with her open-mindedness, takes care of her clients' needs!

Through her competent manner one feels very well cared for and accompanied in every attentive touch!

I enjoyed the personal session very much and learned a lot about myself. Therefore I can recommend everyone who is longing for mindful touch to put themselves into the profound hands of Elena!  

I am already looking forward to the next mindful hours with Elena!

B. |  cuddle session

M.  Conscious Cuddle Experience - Rooms 

"My first cuddling session ever, which I was allowed to share with you, was lasting and lasting for me. It supported me in my process and helped me to overcome my reluctance to be close to women. Elena helped me to realize how normal and natural this need is. She has managed to create a familiar and intimate atmosphere. I also found it supportive to feel that she also trusted me as a man. They were wonderful hours for me and that made it easy for me to let myself go. Many thanks for that! For me this is an experience that is still stored in my heart today. Very important for me were above all the words which she had given me on my way when I said goodbye, which in retrospect proved to be very valuable and showed me with what empathy Elena is blessed. Sincerely, A."

"I was able to completely relax and let myself fall with this cuddling unit and this without pressure. Elena was very responsive to my individual wishes and always asked me if this was pleasant for me. It was a very relaxed and familiar atmosphere. I felt comfortable and was shocked that the time passed so quickly. I felt happy and satisfied with myself afterwards. Explanations and agreement before, were very important and contributed to this familiar atmosphere. Without any sexual ulterior motives of a person to give or receive closeness is a nice feeling and should be recognized/promoted more in our society and Elena does this very well with the help of her cuddling units."

L. |  cuddle session

A. |  cuddle session


Article by Elisabeth Stolzer in the January 2020 issue


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