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Love letters to Gueray

Contact: ┃+49 (0)151 52270977 




Gueray is a multiple certified cuddle therapist, full body masseur and Tantric bodyworker. His repertoire of touch arts includes Slow Touch, Lomi Lomi and Psychoactive Massage according to Gabriele Mariell Kiebgis ("Affective Touch", formerly "Vasana").  

"Physical closeness is a matter of trust. As an experienced, certified cuddler I offer you a protected framework for heartwarming togetherness without attachment, contemplative peace without ulterior motives, meditative relaxation without pressure to perform. In accordance with your wishes, preferences and limits, we only do what feels authentic and harmonious. Body, mind and soul vibrate in harmony.

Enjoy my whole attention, tender attention and platonic love. Feel safely held, yet completely free: grounded, seen and valued. Just as you are. I welcome you with open arms, eyes and ears. My work is characterized by respectful giving of space and value-free acceptance - regardless of age, sex, origin or appearance.

As a trained masseur, I am trained to respond to your individual needs with different qualities of touch. If you want to go deeper from thinking to feeling, I recommend a Slow Touch Session (pure deceleration) or a Psychoactive Massage according to Gabriele Mariell Kiebgis. Both are possible in my home oasis with four-poster bed, at your home or in your hotel.

Alternatively we can cuddle in the green or combine the session with a walk. Then, in addition to the feel-good hormones, a healthy cocktail of essential oils from the natural air is added - yay!".

Gueray offers among other things cuddling and massage sessions. He works in Berlin, Frankfurt/M. and on request also in your city.

Questions / arrange an appointment: ┃+49 (0)151 52270977

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Assistance with the training Affective Touch - Psychoactive Massage 
according to GMK  |  G.M. Kiebgis, Bodensee


Co-Leadership Tantra Intensive | Diamond Lotus, Berlin

Co-Leadership Tantra Group of Temple Servants | Diamond Lotus, Berlin


Training cuddle therapy | Kuschelraum, Berlin


Masseur at enso yoga | Berlin

2018 - 2019

Training Affective Touch - Psychoactive massage and touch therapy | Gabriele Mariell Kiebgis, Bodensee

Training Slow Touch Massage | zest for love, Potsdam


Individual Coaching Tantra Massage | Katja von der Forst (AnandaWave), Berlin

Training Tantra Massage | Spiritual Tantra Lounge, Berlin

Training Lomi meets Tantra | Diamond Lotus, Berlin

Training cuddle therapy | Die Kuschel Kiste, Leipzig

2004 - 2015

Training Lomi Lomi Massage | Lomi Academy, Berlin

1994 - 2003

Music editor, DJ, party organizer, artist support | Frankfurt/Main & Berlin

Master's degree in sociology, philosophy and psychology | Frankfurt/Main



Languages: German, English, Turkish

Interests: music, enjoyment, health, public welfare


Single cuddling sessionInvestment:

70 € | 1,0 h 105 € | 1,5 h 140 € | 2,0 h ...

Duo cuddling session together with a cuddling colleague:

Investment: 130 € - 160 € | 1,0 hours depending on the cuddling colleague you choose

Cuddling session in combination with massage on the couch:

Investment: Prices on request (depending on type of massage and duration) 


GUERAYS KUSCHELRAUM in Berlin - heavenly cuddling like on cloud 

Feel welcome in my Berlin "home oasis" (customer quote), directly at Tempelhofer Feld.

In my four-poster bed you can float away from everyday life with heavenly cuddles.
Freshly covered with skin-friendly organic bedding, we lie on a mattress made of natural materials and snuggle up to a blanket made of kapok, the "down of the tree". If desired, quiet, slow music is played and I serve organic tea and snacks.

GUERAYS KUSCHELRAUM in Frankfurt/M. - stylish above the roofs of Frankfurt

Feel welcome in my Frankfurt cuddling oasis.
Airy, light and relaxed we also cuddle at my second location: in spacious practice rooms above the roofs of Frankfurt.

Love letters to Gueray

"I fondly remember the time back in your arms and I feel warm in my heart. I strut around with ease and feel loved unconditionally, no matter what I am. The hour was really very meaningful to me!"

M.  cuddle session

"I was cuddling with Gueray in Frankfurt/M. He gave me a very warm welcome and I immediately felt comfortable with him. I found the cuddling time very intimate and intense, pure security. Afterwards I felt light and carefree and could also sleep very well. Gueray is a sympathetic cuddly bear with humour. Gladly again!" 

E. cuddle session

"It was sooo beautiful to cuddle with a man who's not fixated on a woman's most private parts."

E.  cuddle session

"Vielen Dank, Gueray. Sogar jetzt noch habe ich ein Lächeln auf meinem Gesicht. Ich fühle mich sehr glücklich. Es fühlt sich an, als käme ich aus dem Urlaub. Vielen Dank für die Streicheleinheiten und dein warmes Herz."

A. |  cuddle session

"So cuddled up so warmly, the dancing worked out wonderfully yesterday. I'm glad to have followed my gut instincts. Thank Gueray for this very respectful first official cuddling experience for me." 

L. |  cuddle session

"In Berlin, I have often had the pleasure of cuddling with the wonderful Gueray. (...) Gueray is not only a 'cuddly guy', but also the absolute artist of touch: apart from the normal cuddling I also enjoyed the 'slow touch', and it was totally relaxing and simply heavenly."

"My mood has changed 180 degrees in 90 minutes into the positive. You are a true artist of touch."

C. |  cuddle sessions

C.  cuddle sessions

"Dear Gueray, cuddling with you has done me an awful lot of good. It feels like my energy level has been higher overall since then. I felt safe and secure in your arms. You were very sensitive and open and absorbed my insecurity, I was able to relax deeply again for a long time (this had a completely different quality than a massage / the soul was allowed to relax, not only the body). It was also great that I could feel so free that I became creative myself and we cuddled together : ) I would like to make a new appointment."

I. |   cuddle session  


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