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"We need 4 hugs a day for survival, 8 hugs a day to feel good and

12 hugs a day for inner growth" Virgina Satir

Experience security.

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Cuddle session with cacao ceremony

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Therapeutic cuddling  

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At the moment Corona requires a break. We will be back soon with our cuddle events. Cuddling sessions (cuddling therapy) are bookable again. 

Cuddling therapy - What is that?

Cuddling therapy combines mindful unconditional touch, emotional openness and intimacy, touches on all levels and thus creates a healing space.
In this way we encounter the lack of touch - a phenomenon that is becoming more and more widespread as fewer and fewer people are firmly integrated into a supportive family structure or a large circle of friends.

50% of households are now single households,

and the trend is rising.

The consequences of lack of touch include

loneliness and the feeling of not belonging,

a sense of meaninglessness, depression,

greater susceptibility to illness and stress.
Lack of touch can only be countered with touch,

an open ear and understanding - as for example

in talking therapy - can support,

but real relief can only come through mindful touch.

What does cuddle therapy do?

The effects, learning areas and benefits are incredibly diverse. Here are just a few.

Touch relieves pain up to 50%, it causes the release of oxytocin, a hormone that gives us a feeling of security, belonging and trust, and lowers cortisol, the stress hormone.

Through attentive touch we reach a state of relaxation, which is what makes it possible for us to regenerate and our immune system to run at full speed. We recharge our batteries and become more resilient.
Cuddling therapy also has a great effect on the social level. Even short touches make us more sympathetic and helpful.

How do I book a cuddle session?

Read the description of the offered cuddle formats and choose your desired format. Note: Not all therapists offer all formats. However, all therapists offer a 'normal' cuddle session.

On the page  "cuddletherapists near by you" you will find all cuddle therapists trained by the KuschelRaum. There they introduce themselves and their services, you will find their contact details and prices, and if necessary a more detailed profile.
See if there is someone close to you (We are constantly working on expanding our network.) and simply contact her or him by phone, mail or contact form. Just click on the button: Book now. 
Important for the cuddle therapist of your choice is the following information: How long do you want to cuddle? Do you have a desired date? Is there something he/she should know?
We will get back to you as soon as possible, answer your questions and gladly arrange an appointment.


Please also read the Faq and rules for a cuddle session. Most of the time all questions are already answered.

Cuddle session

Experience security and enjoy mindful touch.

It is all about you.


Cuddling not only feels wonderful, it can also support our health on many levels. Many positive effects are attributed to the cuddling and love hormone oxytocin: Promoting relaxation, reducing stress and strengthening the immune system are just a few of them - all this simply by receiving mindful and loving touches. But cuddling is also good for the soul, as it gives us a feeling of security and belonging.

In the KuschelRaum we offer platonic cuddling sessions for men and women who lack regular human touch or who simply want more of it in their lives.

We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy the positive effects of cuddling; everyone deserves to feel loved and supported and to experience mindful touch.

Our goal is to create a safe space where you can enjoy loving platonic touch and feel respected and accepted - just as you are. 

Each encounter is unique and specifically tailored to your wishes and needs. Experience mindful loving touch, a back massage on your clothes, foot reflexology, hand or head massages can be a part of it. Enjoy pure security.

The cuddling session can take place in the cuddling room, in the hotel, at your home or in the park.

During a cuddling session, there are clear rules that make it possible for you to simply let yourself go. You can find all information about the procedure and the rules under FAQ about the cuddling session.

After consultation we support the session with the effect of high-quality aromatic oils from Doterra. Fragrances have an effect on hormone levels, can balance moods and contribute to well-being and deep relaxation.


"If people tell you not to worry so much about yourself, look at the people who tell you this: you can see from them what it's like when someone hasn't taken care of himself enough". Erich Fried

The prices and contact details can be found in the respective offer of the cuddle therapist.


Cuddle session with cacao ceremony

Experience the magic of this wonderful plant

into the inner soul world.

Experience pure heart opening.


Cacao ceremony - when your heart speaks to you.

Cocoa grounds, harmonizes and helps to achieve deep peace of mind. It is the most heart-opening plant there is. It brings us closer to ourselves, reveals our deepest needs, creates awareness and gives us the courage to dive deeply into processes.   
When the heart opens, tears can flow: Tears of joy and gratitude, but also tears of deep sadness and loneliness. Feelings can be seen and respected, experience appreciation and are free.
Every encounter with this magical plant is unique ... sometimes its effect unfolds very gently, other times one dives deep into one's own sensuality or is simply happy, childlike, contented and joyful.  

Experience a cacao ceremony just for you. We drink this magic medicine together, be together in silence and then cuddle together according to your needs.

We use only the best raw cacao from our trusted suppliers... with water or oat milk - just as you like it - it is gently warmed with spices and chilli, then warms your heart and you.

The prices and contact details can be found in the offer of the cuddle therapist, so far only Angeline. A cuddling session with cacao ceremony can be booked for a minimum of 90 minutes.

Cuddle session

in combination with massage

Experience the benefits of massage and cuddling.


(Want both and get both.)


Skin contact and caresses

It represents a special form of the cuddle session: firstly because the session is divided into a massage part and a cuddle part and secondly because one of the rules - the agreed full body clothing - can be suspended for the massage part.   

In the first part of the session - on the couch or futon - the massage takes place. The wide range of treatments includes Shiatsu, deep tissue and slow-touch (affect regulating) massage up to the Hawaiian LomiLomi. As the massage training of our cuddle therapists varies, please check their profile to find out more about their offer. 
In the second part follows the cuddle session based on the cuddle session at eye level, where again all rules of the cuddle session apply.

Both body therapies work wonderfully together. Each massage style has a different focus and therefore a specific effect. In the second part of the session, this can be anchored even deeper in your being by gently caressing and being held.  

The prices and contact details can be found in the offer of the cuddle therapist, so far only Angeline and Gueray. The minimum duration of the cuddling session with massage depends on the chosen massage style, but is at least 90 minutes. Whether the temporal focus is more on the massage or the cuddling session will be clarified in the preliminary talk.


Therapeutic cuddling

Creating new points of reference in safety

and learn new behavior.


  • You have a depression and want support

  • You want to learn to feel your body better and to feel more?

  • You want to learn to set limits and express wishes?

  • You would like to learn to perceive, understand and trust the signals of your body?

  • You want to learn in a safe environment to deal with when someone violates your boundaries?

  • You are in a toxic relationship and want support to get out?

  • You feel lonely and alone?


Here therapeutic cuddling is a wonderful and gentle possibility.

In the case of depression or 'sense crises', cuddling can help to break the downward spiral of loneliness by releasing oxytocin, which helps to get back into social contact with others. It can help us to feel again. Cuddling is a wonderful complement to psychotherapy.

Relationships built on abuse, violence and dependence create a constant state of danger and fear. We find ourselves in a permanent state of stress that weakens our whole system and causes considerable damage to our health (high blood pressure, weak immune system, nerves that are exposed...).

Real quality of life is beyond fear, it lies in a state of relaxation, joy and is linked to the possibility of forming strong healthy bonds.

Based on the polyvagal theory and Betty Martin's work of the Wheel of Consent, we create new points of reference. Your body learns to get out of the constant danger mode. You are once again able to freely and openly enter into contact with your fellow human beings and build healthy, nurturing relationships.


"Limits of my body are limits of my ego. The surface of my skin closes me off from the foreign world: on it, if I am to have confidence, I may only feel what I want to feel."Jean Améry

The prices and contact details can be found in the offer of the cuddle therapist, so far only Angeline.

"Thank you, you have given me a space where I could recognize myself.

             I was in my center, I was number one." client of Angeline

The rules of cuddle sessions

The rules of the cuddling session are important to provide a safe framework. Certain questions simply do not arise, your mind remains free and you can enjoy.

  1. Both parties are 18 years or older.

  2. Both parties remain dressed the whole time, no nudity.

  3. Both parties know and agree that this is exclusively non-sexual touching. No other service is expected, offered or requested. (No touching in the genital area and no kissing.) Hands remain outside of clothing the whole time.

    Both parties are sober, have not consumed alcohol or drugs

  4. Both parties pay attention to personal hygiene and go into the session freshly showered, with fresh clothes, with brushed teeth and free of intense odors (perfume, aftershave, smoke, ...).  

  5. Both parties are healthy and have no infectious diseases (colds, ...).

  6. All information given (written or oral) will be treated confidentially.  

  7. Photos and other forms of recording are prohibited.   


PUNCTUALITY: Please come punctually at the agreed time. The first 10 minutes of the session are reserved for arrival..

DRESSCODE: Slip into comfortable clothing appropriate for a platonic cuddling session.

HYGIENE: If you haven't done it before, feel free to shower and brush your teeth in the cuddling room.

The KuschelRaum is a drug and alcohol-free room.

You can find the terms and conditions here. 

"Thank you, you have given me a space where I could recognize myself.

             I was in my center, I was number one." client of Angeline


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