Love letters to the KuschelRaum


Love letters


"At this point I would like to thank you very much for wonderful encounters with great people. You are brave, you shine and your loving radiance contributes to the magical atmosphere in the KuschelRaum.
Deeply touched by every single encounter." - Angeline

Conscious Cuddle Experience

Cuddle sessions




"My whole body smiles."

participant Conscious Cuddle Experience

"I have never been so conscious of touch."

participant Conscious Cuddle Experience - Playfight Edition

Love letters for the Conscious Cuddle Experiences.

"When I came to my first workshop with Angeline 2 years ago out of pure curiosity, I was not yet aware of the valuable and life-changing space I had found myself in. I had just felt my femininity for the first time and was somehow searching for new experiences. Already at the first workshop I realized that I had found a spiritual home in which unimaginable potential for growth, healing and renewal vibrated. Since then I have come back again and again and have opened up more and more, enjoyed, cried, laughed, screamed, refuelled, loved and was carried by the magic that Angeline brings into the room. I can hardly put it into words, because many of the changes in me took place less in my mind and more in my heart. That which could not show itself over years of therapeutic self-exploration and will exercises, came out in Angeline's workshops first timidly and then in undreamt-of abundance and was accepted unconditionally. I am a different person than 2 years ago, warmer, more genuine, more vulnerable, more loving, capable of relationships and I still go to Angeline's events again and again and often, because fortunately I am still growing side by side with more and more beautiful people into an ever more beautiful life."

Katharina / Repeat participant Conscious Cuddle Experiences and workshops

"Angeline, CuddleQueen, your parties are the king of cuddle parties."

participant Conscious Cuddle Experiences

"After the cuddle party today we sat in the S-Bahn on the way home and agreed without abstentions or dissenting votes that of all Berlin's cuddle parties, yours are the most beautiful ones with their effortless, familiar and harmonious overall setting :). “ 

participant Conscious Cuddle Experiences

"Dear Angeline, thank you so much for the wonderful experience on Sunday at the Playfight ... thank you for creating the SPACE for it".

participant Conscious Cuddle Experience - Playfight Edition

"Best cuddle party in town with the most beautiful hostess in the country."

Samuel / Repeat participant Conscious Experiences

"Dear Angeline, I wanted to thank you once again very much for the magical cocoa cuddle evening. I'm still on a cloud."

Lina / participant Conscious Cuddle Experience - KakaoZauber

"Thank Angeline for opening another room to grow."

participant Conscious Cuddle Experiences

"I loved the calmness I felt from you when you greeted us at the door and kindly explained what to do to get ready to commence. [...] and everyone seeming so excited to be present to participate. I really liked all the necessary explanations at the beginning to help people understand how to best navigate the event by themselves making sure they check in with themselves and others frequently, asking consent for every step of the way. I had been in a workshop before where we practiced the “yes/no” exercise, but I hadn’t truly gotten a grasp of its meaning and function until I did the activity today guided by you. [...] I was able to be the best version of myself and receive so much love and energy from also giving. It was very reciprocal and exciting adventure! [...] I felt like everything was flowing the way it was supposed to."

jACh / participant Conscious Cuddle Experience - Conscious Touching

"Merci for these beautiful nutrient and study containers,

that you hold so constantly!"

Repeat participant Conscious Cuddle Experiences

"Dear Angeline, the last cuddle cacao party is still having an effect. With the memory of your words, the words of others and also my own, I have a more peaceful view of the world, my counterpart and myself. Thank you!"

Frank / Repeat participant der Conscious Cuddle Experiences

"Thank you, you have no idea how much my life has already changed."

participant Conscious Cuddle Experiences after his forth event in the KuschelRaum

"Dear Angeline, thank you very, very much for the wonderful, touching wellness room yesterday! :-) It was a new and very enriching experience for me. Thank you!" 

participant Conscious Cuddle Experience - CocoaMagic

"Hello dear Angeline, I enjoyed the celebration of conscious touching yesterday to the fullest! Thank you for your welcome, your touch and the long moment." 

Participant Conscious Cuddle Experience - Conscious Touching

"Dear Angeline,

I had now spontaneously snuggled up an "intensive" weekend with you: Three different formats within two days. And I want to write you again:

Thank you very, very much! The third event was not only exciting and nice but also simply wonderful. It's clear: Cuddling is a practice, it gets better and more beautiful the more you "practice". It's worth not to say "isn't for me" the first time, if it's not only easy and simple, but also a bit strange and confronting. Just go back there, face the questions that come up.

To do two or three events in a row I can only recommend to everybody. Body and soul can really nestle in: resistances melt away under the force of the input, you learn not to take difficult moments so dramatically - they pass by, and then beautiful and precious moments come up again, which woman/man would never have experienced otherwise.

Here, as with so many other things in life, a resistance that we look at curiously instead of running away can get us further. The nice thing about your formats is: you can look at your own resistances curiously and also carefully. That is of course very, very important for something as personal and powerful as cuddling. You don't have to rush anything, you even have to be careful and gentle with yourself and the others. I find that very helpful and supportive, and it is still exciting in any case.

And it is worthwhile to rush into the adventure. Really, it is worth it.

There is so much joy in it, so many new things - at least for me I would say: my relationship can't offer that at all, simply because it is so different. And I don't want to talk about relationships: they offer us so many important things, but something different. And relationship: well, I know that quite well with my fifty years... So again: Thanks! And I wish you, and above all, all the others: that many, many people will find their way to this wonderful field of experience with you."

participant Conscious Cuddle Experience - PlayfightEdition, WomenCuddle, CocoaMagic


Liebesbriefe für die Workshops.

"Herewith I witness that Angeline Heilfort did an amazing and healing workshop.

She held the space with softness, empathy and grandeur of her heart. Her knowledge about bodywork were a huge asset to the variety of our program. We recommend her work to anyone wanting to explore the touch of humanity in a time where it is most needed."

Marianne Jouanneaux / Just for Women, Berlin

"I liked the KuschelRaum very much because it was run very carefully and lovingly.""

Manuela/ participant Just for Women Festival

"Angeline Anett Heilfort is an exceptionally good body therapist, with an extensive knowledge, a quick comprehension, she is very motivated, a good team player and also has very good references in teaching and in the theoretical and practical transmission of expertise. We have always received very positive feedback from our guests. We can highly recommend a cooperation and are available for further questions."

Anne-Kathrin Schmidt / Spa Manager SO/ Berlin Das Stue

"I am totally grateful for the playful encounters and the clarity and safety and wildness and imagination and taming and the sore muscles and this soothing, powerful exhaustion. Growing doesn't always have to hurt, it can also be fun. Boom." 

Marcus / Workshop Ritual Play

"So liberating, so entertaining, so so beneficial, such a precious experience.

And for yourself: You have a wonderful clear calm, such a wonderful laugh, a powerful charisma and a beautiful smile, for example when you listen to people."

participant Workshop Ritual Play

"It was wonderful to spend time with you and the others. I enjoy your way and the encounters with you! Thank you for the space you create for connection and self-awareness."

Abigail / participant workshop

"Hello Angeline, I wanted to thank you again for the workshop, which was also the first of its kind for me. Also because I was able to support you, it had a great effect on me personally and created an even greater depth. I liked your clear and structured way and your honesty in the encounter. I would be happy to come to another workshop. Love Marija"

Marija / participant workshop


Love letters for cuddle sessions.

"Thank you so much for the lovely snuggle time... It had been so relaxing and now I am enjoying the peace and memories of the cuddling time right now...
Many, many thanks...for the cuddling time, the security, the beautiful conversation and the reflections... If I will visit Berlin again, I will contact you early for another appointment."

client of a cuddle session with Angeline

"Thank you, you have given me a space where I could recognize myself. "I was in my center. I was number one."

client of a cuddle session with Angeline

"Liebe Angeline, Danke für den offenen, unterstützenden und gehaltenen Raum zum Erkunden meiner inneren Landschaften. Dadurch habe ich heilsame Neuentdeckungen machen können und gewußte Geschichte hat wieder Verbindung zu Emotionen und Körperempfindungen bekommen. Danke für Dein Halten, die Begleitung, das  Lachen und den Kakao, den ich zweimal bei Dir getrunken habe. Die Sessions haben mich sehr bewegt und wirken noch nach. Ich komme gerne zurück und wieder. Das was Du tust ist sehr wertvoll."

client of a cuddle session with Angeline

"I have met perfection. A special time with Angeline, she made me so joyful. I felt that she gave me herself. She is very sensitive, open in her style and very present. 

client of a cuddle session with Angeline


Love letters for trainings.

"Thank you, dear Angeline, for this deep and wonderful training, which takes up and conveys exactly what we should all take for granted - touch!

In your very own warm and true way you introduced us to the theory of cuddling with many practical exercises. I appreciate your clarity and structure, your humour with which you bring us all closer to cuddling. After the two training weekends, I now hold a "method case" in my hands, which on the one hand helps me to create the framework for a cuddling session and to keep it reliable, and on the other hand I deal much more consciously with my own private relationships and encounters. I am literally more sensitive and mindful both on a mental and physical level. It is as if I have developed new receptors.

I am irrepressibly happy that I was one of the first to be able to do this training, which you created especially for me.

I recommend Angeline's training to anyone who is interested in bodywork. Here you will learn how to treat yourself and your client with care. You learn to give touch that respects your boundaries and the boundaries of the other."

Jessica / Graduate of the training cuddle therapy 2019

"Angeline's training in cuddling therapy summarizes for me the complete specialist knowledge of this relatively new field of work, she has done valuable pioneering work and set a very pleasingly high standard. From different partner positions and massage techniques to dealing with client reactions and traumas and setting and demanding the respective limits, we have received concrete tools, from interior design to appearance to the setting up of a cuddle therapy session, there has been a lot of support to put into practice. Backgrounds on hormone balance, models of the client-therapist relationship and the flow of touch energy made us experience the high responsibility of the cuddle therapist. Angeline conveys all this in a well structured and receptive way, in the form of a thick script and many practical exercises. Her strong presence and her direct, warm-hearted manner hold the room, we laughed, cuddled and felt a lot. I leave very touched and enriched from this training, with a lot of competence and desire for cuddling - Thank you dearest Angeline for this gift!"

Viola / Graduate of the training cuddle therapy 2019

"Angeline is a great coach, I felt very comfortable with her. She is authentic and creates a space where everyone can let go and feel accepted.

Thank you for that!"

Elena /  Graduate of the training cuddle therapy 2019

"I have experienced Angeline as a very well organized, structured, warm-hearted instructor and experienced cuddler. She created an extensive manual that was available to us from the beginning. [...] The theoretical content did me good. I feel very enriched by the Wheel of Consent. [...] The lessons with Angeline were a successful mixture of theory and practice. I really liked the two exercises. There was enough time to practice again and again. With different partners.  […]

I liked the colours in the room, their scents, their radiance. I experienced Angeline as soft and warm and yet clear and strong.  I also like the place very much - we could eat together and stay there overnight. Great! […]

You can see that Angeline puts a lot of energy and love into her work! And her work or mission is to make this world more friendly, cuddly and attentive. And to make conscious touching and exploring and allowing and again changing boundaries known. Thank you very much for that!"

Marion /  Graduate of the training cuddle therapy 2019

Liebe Angeline,

eine glückliche Fügung hat mich auf deiner Website stöbern lassen.

Als ich dein Angebot einer Ausbildung zur Kuscheltherapeutin entdeckte, dachte ich: „Wow, das

ist es!“ Es gibt so viele Menschen, denen Berührung fehlt. Und hierfür einen Raum zu schaffen bzw. selber diejenige zu sein, die den Raum dafür schafft, dass absichtslose Berührung gegeben und empfangen werden kann ohne dies mit Sex zu verbinden, ist eine wundervolle Vorstellung.

Die Ausbildung von dir ist dafür ein gutes Fundament, um nicht blauäugig an so etwas

heranzugehen. Denn du machst deutlich, dass sich ein Mensch uns anvertrauen können muss,

um sich fallen lassen zu können. Wir müssen wissen was wir tun und welche Wirkung es haben

kann. Berührungen müssen authentisch sein, damit die Person sich wirklich angenommen und

wohl fühlen kann. Sich klar darüber zu sein, Achtsamkeit über eine Stunde zu halten. Und vieles


Die Praxisblöcke, dein tolles Handout, die Hausaufgaben und natürlich deine offenherzige Art

haben die Ausbildung sehr wertvoll für mich gemacht.

Vielen Dank! Manu

Manuela / Absolventin der Ausbildung Kuscheltherapie 2019


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