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8 reasons why it is awesome to be a cuddle therapist.

What is cuddling therapy?

For all those who have not yet come across professional cuddling services: Cuddling therapy combines mindful unconditional touch, emotional openness and intimacy, touches on all levels and thus creates a healing space.

It is a service that requires an open heart, because cuddle therapists cuddle their clients as if they had known them forever. They create intimacy and closeness and consider and respect their clients as individual, lovable and precious beings.

Cuddling Therapy was developed as a means of reviving human touch and provides a way to experience it in a safe and healthy way.

"When we separate cuddling from the purely romantic links, it becomes what it is again: human communication that brings souls and hearts together." - Angeline

8 reasons why it is great to be a cuddle therapist.

1. Health

Everything you give to your clients: feelings of happiness, reduction of stress and pain, increase of immune and regenerative power and much more you experience yourself. Cuddling helps with sleep problems, burn-out, depression, fear and loneliness. The resulting deep relaxation promotes self-healing powers.

2. Fulfilment

You give people security and appreciation. You inspire them to recognize their own value.

We are social beings. Touch creates closeness and only through it can we give each other the feeling of belonging. It creates connection and shows that we belong together. It conveys security and it relaxes.

3. Money

You get paid to hug people and take care of them. An absolute privilege.

Many people live in relationships where people like to cuddle a lot and that is great! However, there are a considerable number of people who experience less or no touch. Be it because this is not lived in their relationship or because they have no relationship or can share touch with family and friends. These people, but especially men who are more likely to suffer from social stigma in this respect, which can be caused by hugging other men, have to get along without any loving touch for a long time. This leads to lack of touch, a trigger for stress and loneliness.

According to studies, 10% of people in Germany feel lonely, or chronically lonely. There is already talk of a loneliness epidemic. Where should these people go to get a platonic touch if not to us?

4. Transformation

Another aspect that should not be underestimated is the own transformation. The examination of the themes of touch, intimacy and closeness goes deep and shows you your own construction sites. These topics must be dealt with to a large extent before you start working with clients. (This is part of the Cuddling Therapy training.) Your

Willingness to deal with these issues and your resulting newly gained sovereignty in dealing with emotionality and touch are transferred. Your example of joy of life and balance creates additional motivation. You show your clients that it is possible: Life can and should be easy and beautiful.

5. Meaning of life

Cuddling is one of the most sensible activities. You actually improve the world - one hug at a time. Clearly visible in the soft glowing faces of your clients and their feedback.

6. Development of your social competence

Cuddling changes you. It will make you more emphatic and loving. The constant oxytocin level provides that you develop more social skills and it is easier for you to approach other people. Oxytocin makes you more helpful and reduces aggressive tendencies. You become more relaxed and a positive basic mood fills your being, which is then also transferred to other people.

7. Refining your tactile skills

Your body consciousness is developing and becoming finer. Your intuition regarding touch is getting stronger and your hands know more and more by themselves what they are doing. You become a god/goddess of touch.

The communication with your body improves. You feel more and more clearly what is good for you and what is not. The ability to stand up for your needs and to communicate them clearly grows.

8. Expansion of your professional activities

Cuddling therapy does not only stand for itself, it is also a wonderful addition to many forms of therapy. Bodyworkers, nursing staff, (trauma) therapists, life and death companions, pedagogues, and many more can benefit from the training in cuddle therapy.

Expand your portfolio and become part of the cuddling revolution.

"The essence of the cuddling movement: „We can reduce unemployment, lower medical costs, extend lives, improve learning, increase self-worth and inspire people to understand their own value. Satisfying our need for physical intimacy is an investment in human potential.“ – Samantha Hess

Since I started cuddling professionally... (a field report by Angeline)

"Offering cuddling professionally has changed my life for the better in many ways. Four years ago I started doing so and since then I feel calmer, more nourished and satisfied. I have become more independent of the opinions of others - rest more in me and I am happier. More and more I experience most of my days in joy and gratitude. Cuddling changes me. For 20 years I have massaged countless people and know the challenges that come with touch-intensive work well. After a 6 or 8 hour day I was often exhausted, both physically by the long standing and the effort of massaging myself, and emotionally. After 20 years, I did not want to and could not do this anymore. I felt empty and burnt out.

I experience cuddling completely different. I leave the sessions relaxed. On the one hand because they are actually physically much less strenuous and on the other hand because I am relaxed in them - because I have to be. (One of the quality promises we make to our clients in the Cuddling Room). If my body were tense, this would be transferred to the client's body and would therefore be counterproductive. So first of all I make sure that I am well. I then give this feeling of well-being to my clients, who leave the sessions nourished and with soft, radiant faces. I experience cuddling as a pure WinWin situation.

I am paid to lie in a warm and beautiful room and hug a wonderful person. What a gift. I celebrate it again and again consciously and am deeply grateful for it. I hope that this valuable work will soon be offered worldwide by well-trained cuddle therapists so that as many people as possible can enjoy this experience.

That is why I have developed a well-founded holistic training program".

Why an education? - Can't everyone cuddle?

To be honest: No. First of all, there are touch dyslexics whose touches simply don't feel nice, and secondly, professional cuddling, i.e. cuddling with strangers, is a little different than sharing intimate closeness with loved ones. For the professional practice of cuddling therapy, comprehensive skills are required which go beyond the ability to touch and which we teach and practice in our training in cuddling therapy.

This includes among other things:

  • strong social skills - the ability to connect and see the best in other people

  • Effective and appreciative communication, active listening Mindfulness a well developed body awareness and clear body language

  • the ability to set limits and communicate them in a positive way

  • Emotional openness and the ability to deal with intense emotions

A comprehensive education is indeed necessary to ensure the high quality standard which is the basic requirement for people to feel safe enough to open up and let themselves fall.

What are the requirements to become a cuddle therapist?

  • a minimum age of 18 years Impartiality and openness

  • Professionalism and reliability

  • the willingness to follow the rules and the ethical mindset of the cuddling room

  • Experience in healthcare or a background in tactile therapies is an advantage but not a prerequisite

What does the training include?

Our cuddling therapy training program includes a detailed manual, 6 days training divided into two modules (many exercises on mindfulness or dealing with emotions, massage and cuddling sessions), the examination of the Wheel of Consent and supervision. In detail we go through the course of a cuddling session, try out popular cuddling positions and practice the communication of boundaries and how to deal with border violations.

The training in the group gives you the opportunity to try out cuddling positions with different bodies (big, small, male, female, ...), the questions and insights of the other participants open new perspectives.

We will answer all your questions and give you an insight into what you can expect and look forward to in a long-term career as a cuddle therapist.

At the end of the training the participants complete 10 documented cuddling sessions and receive their certificate.

Soon our online training program will be available in German and English, which will give you everything you need to start your career as a cuddle therapist competently and safely.

It includes a manual densely packed with information and background knowledge about cuddling and touch, communication and detailed information about how to offer and conduct a round cuddling session. It also includes a detailed workbook with many exercises and accompanying training videos with step-by-step instructions on massage and cuddling.

If you are interested, please write to us.

Why choose the cuddling room?

Our declared goal is to redefine the perception of the cuddling industry. As a future-oriented company we know that cuddling is in line with the spirit of the times like no other wellness and health offer because it has a holistic and sustainable effect. We consider cuddling not only as a source of well-being but also as a transformation and process work.

It is our concern to give cuddling the place it deserves and to eliminate prejudices.

We want to make our contribution so that our society becomes a touching one and future generations can grow up with a healthy body feeling and body awareness.

Thus we have adopted four key values: authenticity, empathy, joy and quality. These values represent our guiding stars and give us a clear sense of purpose and direction in achieving our goals.

Our claim is to offer our customers a first-class service. Therefore, all our cuddle therapists have to go through a comprehensive, in-depth training programme, the aim of which is to put the needs of our customers in the foreground without leaving out our own needs.

We are looking forward to go this way with you.

What happens after the training?

You can work completely independent of the KuschelRaum or become part of the KuschelraumCommunity. If you decide to join the KuschelRaumCommunity, you have the possibility to be listed on the KuschelRaum website, but you will work independently. All the money you earn through your cuddling sessions will be at your disposal. The only costs you have to pay are the monthly low membership fees for the KuschelRaum platform.

Being part of the platform/network brings obligations and privileges. You have the possibility to advertise with the website, so you don't have to create and maintain your own website and benefit from our standing. You are allowed to use the logo and the cuddling agreement and you will get print templates for vouchers and greeting cards. You will receive your own email address and if desired your own URL. The network also offers support for questions and challenges that might arise in your job. Being a part of the KuschelRaumCommunity also means to adhere to our code of conduct and guidelines at all times, as you represent our company. Please read the article: The 4 key values of the CuddleRoom - our ethical mindset.

Become part of the cuddling room, carry the cuddly thought into the world.

We are looking for people who are empathetic and passionate about caring for others.

We are looking for people who have understood the importance of intentionless and loving touch and that every person should have unconditional access to it.

We are looking for people who have the ambition to offer cuddling sessions of the highest quality.

We are looking forward to welcome you to the KuschelRaum!

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