About me - Angeline introduces herself

"Touch comes before sight, before speech. It is the first language
and the last, and it always tells the truth.“
Margaret Atwood

Angeline Anett Heilfort

  About me

I am a coach, mediator, trainer and for a good four years now I have been giving cuddle parties in Germany, inspired by the work of Betty Martin and her Wheel of Consent - a tool developed for bodyworkers to create a safe framework for themselves and their clients and to bring awareness into contact and self-determination.

Don't be ok with something. Love it or leave it!“
is a motto I can sign.

My dream is that this kind of cuddle party

more widespread.
In my opinion, they are infinitely versatile,

valuable and complex.


I have mastered many massage techniques and am, among other things, a Shiatsu health practitioner (DGAM) and trained tantric masseuse (DATY, Garden of Earthly Delights),
lived in a tantric ashram from 2003 - 2005 and since then I have continuously trained myself further.
In 2006, I successfully completed a 2-year training as a shaktigroup leader and from then on I have held women's circles and led women's groups again and again.

For over 10 years I have been giving workshops and teaching students, trainers and managers presentation and impact, communication and leadership using improvisational theatre techniques.
As an actress I am at home in film, television and on improvisational theatre stages.

For more than 20 years I have been working in the field of personality development (Yoga, Enneagram, psychology, shadow work, Tantra, ...) and I firmly believe that there is only one right way: the individual.
Everything flows into my work and the different areas complement and influence each other profitably. I am always interested in touching people - on all levels.
My constant path of growth is to increase the ability to feel joy, to enlarge it, to learn lightness without avoiding the depth and to surrender trustingly to the flow of life.

In my workshops, coaching, trainings and cuddle parties I create a safe, distinctive space with clarity, empathy, directness and humour.

Touching people on all the levels is what drives me and fills me with happiness.

My teachers and greatest inspirations are:
DATY, David Deida, Margot Anand, Betty Martin, Marina Kronkvist, Sasha Cobra, Robert Silber, Blandine Maria Wegener, Uriel Yariv, Chandana Manohara, Andrea und Veit Lindau, Chameli Ardagh, Robert A. Johnson, Maitreyi D. Piontek, Shashi Solluna, u.v.m.

"Angeline, KuschelQueen."
repeat participant 
of the Conscious Cuddle Experiences



  • Training in Hypnotherapy, Level 1  |  Auroville, India


  • Seminar Primeval Wounds of the Soul/Archetypes 2  |  DATY Berlin


  • Workshop Seed of Transformation | Sascha Cobra, Berlin

  • Foundation of the KuschelRaum

  • Workshop Wheel of Consent, Like a Pro | Betty Martin, Stockholm, Sweden


  • Training and further education Train the Trainer Berlin

  • Training Mediation | Berlin

  • Training Systemic coach | Berlin

  • Trainer aptitude test (passed) | IHK, Berlin 


  • Training in Lomi Lomi Massage Berlin

seit 2013

  • Masseuse at the Das Stue Spa | Berlin


  • NLP Practicioner | Kikidan, Berlin


  • Training in Abhyanga Massage | Berlin

  • Training in foot reflexology  | Berlin

2007 - 2013

  • Masseuse at the Adlon Day Spa | Berlin


  • Training in Medical massage | Berlin


  • Seminar Enneagram - Archetypes of the Soul  | DATY Berlin

  • Seminar Astrology  | DATY Berlin

2004 - 2013

  • Training/Practicing Tantra massage,  DATY, Berlin | Garden of earthly delights, Berlin | Natural Freedom,  Oslo

2004 - 2006

  • Shiatsu training Berlin

  • Training as shaktigroup leader/leadership of women's circles DATY Berlin 

seit 2004

  • Yoga and Tantra Courses, DATY Berlin Mahasiddha Yoga, Chiang Mai, Thailand | Margot Anand, Berlin David Deida, Kopenhagen Denmark Robert Silber, Berlin, Prag, Tschechische Republik | Chandana Manohara, Berlin, u.a.

2002 - 2004 

  • Training in Reiki 1-3. degrees (Reiki Master)  | Berlin, Auroville, Indien

2002 - 2020

  • Liquid Flow/ Watsu | Auroville Indien


  • Training in Classical full body massage | Berlin


  • Training in Thai massage | Auroville Indien

DATY = German Academy for Traditional Yoga

Languages: German, English

interests: improvisational theatre, travelling, dancing, reading, time at the seaside, learning, ...

"I love touch - to be touched, to be touched and to give touch."


""I live for sharing deep encounters with others, laughing and finding more and more the courage to always follow my heart.
I firmly believe that we are all on a journey and that we are constantly evolving. We set the pace ourselves.

In my cuddle parties, workshops, coachings and cuddle sessions
I create a safe, distinctive space with clarity,
Empathy, directness and humour.

The conscious decision towards more joy, more ecstasy,
more love and... more... is up to the individual."


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